The Zoo Run

Name: A Day at the Zoo
Description: Scenario takes place at a Zoo where several animals are kept; most of these animals are strange, unknown, or extinct. The animals must not be killed and a non-lethal tranquilizer gun is provided. The Zoo is quite large and is surrounded by large concrete walls. There are three animals that must be tranquilized. They roam the zoo with no predictable pattern, and it seems to vary with every use. The Scenario starts midday and seemingly has no other effects. The Zoo has a cobbled path that leads around it with multiple cages. The cages are your standard iron-barred off sections. On the opposite side of the entrance (which is locked and seemingly completely unopenable throughout the scenario) is a large building that houses a carousel, this building seems to be the gathering place of 'The Crowned Jewel'. The building is accessible but the carousel inside is in a state of disrepair. On the west area of the Zoo there is a large Green-House, however it seems inaccessible. The 'Deer' has a large sectional chunk all to it's own, it is a walled off forested zone that can be seen from all side via windows. The Door to this area is unlocked. The 'Brontotherium Hatcheri's' cage is a relatively small; it does not have bars, but, instead, concrete walls like the main wall, although an area of this wall has been destroyed, presumably by the Brontotherium Hatcheri itself.
Author: WetBeard
Recovery: Unknown
Other: The three animals are as following:

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