The Hundred Armed Monster

Name: The Hundred Armed Monster, T.H.A.M
Purpose: Boss yo
Nature: Shambles around, groaning in never-ending pain
Description/History: Large humanoid creature, purple skin, unproportional limbs. Extremely vertically elongated jaw. Empty eye sockets. Has an uncountable amount of unequally lengthed arms wrapped around itself as if wearing an invisible straight jacket. Muscular mass for each arm varies. Stands at a height of 15 feet tall.
Uses: No Previous Appearance
Recovery: Unknown
Other: When threatened or attacked, it proceeds to bite deep into one of its long arms, severing it causing blood to spray from it. It lash it’s body around to cause the severed arm to act like a whip.

Physical Health: 12
Mental Health: N/a

Physical Defense: 6
Mental Defense: N/a
Perception: 4 (Note: This is /hearing/, THAM has no eyes and therefore cannot see.)
Agility: 3
Strength: 8

Melee: 6
Ranged: N/a
Survival: N/a


  • Spongy Flesh: 4, THAM’s flesh is spongy, and along with being a brainless monster, has no vital points to hit other than it’s heart which is contained deep in it’s mass of arms. (PDef vs. Ranged)

Engagement Style: See Other.

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