Scottish Castle

Name: Citadel
Description: An ancient Scottish castle, overgrown and crumbling. It has four towers, one in each cardinal direction, along with a small village outside the keep and is surrounded by two sets of walls. The keep has ten floors, each richly decorated with faded tapestries, medieval art in tarnished frames, and antique, rotting 4-poster beds. The kitchen's fire is always burning, and fresh food is always on the dining hall's tables, despite no living beings other than the combatants and small animals showing up on thermographic scans. Also contained in the keep are a dungeon and an armory; the armory's weapons and armor are quite rusted, and the dungeon still seems to echo with screams of its prisoners. Other evidence of decay, such as the moth-eaten carpet and cobweb-covered ceiling are very evident all throughout the structures.
Contained in the village are a smithy, an empty stables, a bakery, quite a few personal homes, a gallows, and a pillory; all show the same signs of decay as the castle.
GM: Quinlan
Uses: None.
Recovery: Unknown.
Other: None.

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