Name: Ninja
Purpose: General Enemy
Nature: Assassin-y.
Description/History: It's a ninja, wearing dark clothing and armed with all manner of ninja things.
GM: Riemann
Uses: Used in The Bridge
Recovery: Unknown.
Other: Not actually sapient. Disappear in a cloud of smoke when killed.

Physical Health: 4
Mental Health: 2

Physical Defense: 4
Mental Defense: 2
Perception: 8
Agility: 10
Strength: 2

Persuasion: 0
Intimidation: 2
Bluff: 0

Melee: 4
Ranged: 6

Sneak: 8
Academics: 0
Science: 0
Engineering: 2
Medical: 2


  • Minor Teleportation - 2 - Used to dodge slightly better than baseline, only used once per battle.

Engagement Style: Stalk prey in groups (4-16), and attacks via surprise using either small bladed weapons or small thrown bladed weapons.

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