NCRM Shock Troopers

Name: Kalliade Ground Captain
Purpose: Special Enemy
Nature: Intelligent, powerful, zealous
Description/History: The Kalliade are the natives of the Warp World, Nemora. Creators of the Ashen Unity, they are extremely technologically advanced. They are often wearing odd suits of power armor. Kalliade have grey skin, and a bipedal stance, with hairless bodies and bald heads. They have split jaws, and four eyes, with razor sharp teeth. Ground Captain armor is heavily adorned with heraldry and decor of their past conquests. In addition, Ground Captains have large, ram-like horns sprouting from their skulls, and a helmet to accommodate them. They stand, in full power armor, at eight feet tall.

Ground Captains are veteran Shock Troopers, commanding both Shock Troops and Royal Marines with equal power. They've survived decades of war and combat against both the Ashen, and other alien races.
GM: SpookyBee
Uses: Burning Bridges Close Encounters Of The Cold Kind
Recovery: Recovered in containment after capture in a Nevada military base.

Physical Health: 12
Mental Health: 12

Physical Defense: 7
Mental Defense: 5
Perception: 6
Agility: 4
Strength: 7

Intimidation: 7

Melee: 8
Ranged: 7
Survival: 5


  • Warriors of Norn: Kalliade are adept with cryo-weapons, carrying occult Arco Rifles into battle and utilizing them with deadly efficiency. (Kalliade gain +2 to RNG when using Arco Rifles.)
  • Sub-Arc Firearms: Arcane technology has provided the Kalliade with rifles and other guns capable of firing beams of scorchingly cold energy, capable of freezing solid steel at the molecular level. (Targets successfully wounded by an Arco gun take -1 AGI damage. This cannot stack.)
  • Static-Bombardment: Kalliade emit a natural electro-magnetic field powerful enough to interfere with radio communication. (Radios and intercoms will not work in proximity of a Kalliade Shock Trooper.)
  • Shock-And-Awe: Kalliade Ground Captains give off an air of inspiration, bolstering their squads and rallying their troops. (Shock Troopers in proximity of a Ground Captain gain +1 MDEF.)

Engagement Style: Kalliade Ground Captains fight at medium range with heavy shotguns, and the occult Arco-Rifle, a weapon capable of turning even solid steel into a block of fused, brittle ice. They take the charge, leading their troops into combat and bellowing orders with an air of strength around them. In melee combat, they often wield thin-bladed scimitars, utilizing an odd finesse that looks rather unfitting with their physique.

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