Horde Mode: Zombies!

Name: Horde Mode: Zombies!
Description: All attending players are spawned inside a warehouse about to besieged by a giant horde of zombies. Their objective? Survive as long as possible. This has multiple difficulties, so if it ever becomes too easy, and players begins surviving for too long, then there are modifiers which bolster the toughness of the survival mode with each setting. The warehouse has two floors and a wide open space with a few pillars here and there for structural support. There's stairs leading up to some minor scaffolding which descends back down into the first floor. PCs can start off from whatever wave they left off in.


The amount of zombies which will appear will depend on the amount of skill that Psi-7 has in their MEL, RNG, or both at the same time. Psi-7 will unlock waves of increasing difficulty, and if they become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of zombies, will be able to start from any difficulty they have so far unlocked. If after the first RNG roll remains a few zombies, those are taken out by a MEL roll. If there are still zombies by then, the zombies will be able to roll STR to grab onto a PC, random or not is up to GM, and then the PC will roll an opposed roll, whether it be AGI, PDEF, or STR to step out or break the hold. If they don't succeed at any of those, then they get bitten and are taken out of the Arena until the next difficulty ramp up. Keep in note that every point in the system will be one bullet.
Author: madness_
Recovery: Unknown; see Zombies
Other: Multiple difficulty settings!

Hi-Scores, Individual:

1. Kit, 130 zombie kills.
2. N/A
3. N/A

Hi-Scores, Group:
1. Nel, Piper, Mickey, 318 kills.
2. N/A
3. N/A

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