Godzilla, King Of The Monsters

Name: Godzilla
Purpose: Boss Enemy
Nature: <Fill this in>
Description/History: The classic, showa-era godzilla
GM: Prior
Uses: <Godzilla run link>
Recovery: During above run.
Other: Is not as big as later godzillas at only fifty metres tall.

Physical Health: 100
Mental Health: 50

Physical Defense: 10
Mental Defense: 6,
Perception: 4
Agility: 3, sprints as a 10
Strength: 30

Persuasion: 0
Intimidation: 10
Bluff: 0

Melee: 3 (6 vs large targets)
Ranged: 3
Survival: 0

Sneak: 0
Academics: 0
Science: 0
Engineering: 0
Medical: 0

King of the monsters: Godzilla is entirely immune to intimidation, magical or otherwise, from anything smaller than him.
Breath Cannon: 10. Godzilla can breathe a focused beam of pure radioactive fire. Godzilla hits using his ranged stat, but injures using a value of ten. Can be increased when firing at larger targets.
Breath chain reaction: If gojira’s mouth is injured while charging a shot (DC 8) then he takes a 4df+20 strength hit.
Point and shoot: Godzilla automatically hits targets moving in a straight line or stationary, unless they are small (like, say, people are)
Nuclear Feeder: Godzilla is healed by radiation
Titanic: Godzilla’s attacks cannot be parried using anything other than superhuman strength. If you can’t lift a tank overhead, you can’t block gojira. In addition he uses a stat of 10-3+MOF to wound his targets.
Thick skinned: Godzilla is wholly immune to small arms fire and conventional weapons.
Huge target: All ranged attacks at Godzilla do not miss unless the user rolls a negative number or critfails.
STOMP: If engaged in CQC with a grounded foe, Godzilla increases the number used in Titanic from 10 to his current Strength stat.

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