Gaillan Jungle

Name: Gaillan Jungle
Description: Thickly-populated jungle of Nemora, the alien planet home to the Kalliade entities encountered on a field operation. Densely grown with luminescent flora, Gaillan is home to many dangerous creatures and mysterious locations. The territory roughly thirty meters in diameter. Gaillan is mainly populated by massive trees. The center is occupied by the ruins of a sealed temple The jungle itself is full of concealed paths and hidden dens that can be hidden in, as well as small tunnels that can lead to random parts of the jungle.
GM: SpookyBee
Uses: Burning Bridges
Recovery: Recovered after MTF Psi-7's entry of the stabilized Warp-Gate that lead to the jungle.
Other: Lit by naturally-luminescent flora, perception of one's surroundings is quite easy. Thick vegetation, however, makes finding one's target more difficult. +2 PERCEPTION, +3 SNEAK.

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