Dungeon Golem

Name: Dungeon Golem
Purpose: Boss Enemy
Nature: None
Description/History: A giant, slate gray golem covered in arcane symbols. Has beady, red eyes, and speaks like a robot. About 20' tall, and a good many tons.
GM: Wogglebug
Uses: MoonWizardventures Part Two
Other: Animated by high level magic. Antimagic effects it strongly. Resistances to things that wouldn't hurt rocks. Has plates covered in magical runes inside its chest cavity that animate it - piercing damage in that area can kill it if the difference is high enough.

Physical Health: 20
Mental Health: 2

Physical Defense: 10
Mental Defense: 2
Perception: 2
Agility: 2
Strength: 10

Persuasion: 0
Intimidation: 4
Bluff: 0

Melee: 10
Ranged: 0
Survival: 0

Sneak: 0
Academics: 6
Science: 6
Engineering: 6
Medical: 6


  • None

Engagement Style: Direct attack. Likes to throw foes.

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