Blackwood Cultist

Name: Blackwood Cultist
Purpose: General Enemy
Nature: Crazed, zealous
Description/History: Cloaked, masked humanoids with white chest plates. Cultists of the Blackwood Church, who worship a female figure.
GM: SpookyBee
Uses: Run: Emergence
Recovery: Picked up by a Foundation cleanup crew, post-operation
Other: None

Physical Health:5
Mental Health:7

Physical Defense: 4
Mental Defense: 2
Perception: 4
Agility: 4
Strength: 3

Melee: 4
Ranged: 3


  • Zealous Martyr: In rare occurrences, some Cultists carry explosives in their garb, with which they may detonate at any time to a variety of affects. Instead of rolling 4df, a 1d10 will be rolled to determine the effectiveness of this explosive.
  • Bleed For Our Goddess: Cultists who follow the Black Arrow are ever-so-slightly changed in that they feel no pain in combat- Even the most vicious of injuries is little more than a tickle to a Cultist! Cultists will not respond to physical pain, though they will still lose PHEALTH and are still mortal.

Engagement Style: Cultists attack with reckless abandon, throwing themselves at their enemies with ferocity, as they hack and slash until their foes are little more than bloody pulp. While they may not be the strongest foes, they have no fear and little to lose, making their martyrdom a tactic to be feared.

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