Asiatic Bridge

Name: Asiatic Bridge
Description: A long, long, long, long wooden bridge over a sprawling expanse of swampland. The bridge is composed of a very dark wood, most of it gnarled and damaged by water and… other things. It's relatively wide, probably about 15-20m across, although it does vary in many places, with several section not really resembling a bridge at all. There are side railings in a few section, but not in most. The supports of the bridge are long, thin beams of wood spaced every meter along either side of the bridge, buried deep somewhere in the water below. The swampland in which the bridge is situated is host to a great deal of trees and animals, most of which are harmless. At no point does the bridge encounter land, and the waters beneath it are deep and treacherous. At one end of the bridge is a small wooden pagoda of similar construction, and at the other… the same pagoda. Some sort of spatial, distortion, probably. Hopefully. The entirety of it is cloaked in a heavy, vaguely greenish mist which limits visibility to about 10m in any direction.
GM: ProcyonLotor/Riemann/Wogglebug
Uses: The Bridge
Recovery: Unknown.
Other: Along a certain section of the bridge there is a large collection of bladed weapons, embedded deep in the wood of the bridge. Each gives +4 melee and +4 agility.

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