A Children's Card Game

Name: A Children's Card Game
Description: Two players enter and take their places in front of holographic podiums on two ends of the biodome, leaving a decently sized gap between them. Upon activating the simulation, two decks selected beforehand by the players appear on the podiums, allowing four cards to be taken by each player - for the rules, check the "Other" section.
As the game progresses, the cards are visualized in the area between the two podiums. Monsters appear and fight, the effects of different spell and trap cards on the monsters can be seen, etc.
Author: Hankolijo
Recovery: Added into the Arena system by an unknown reality bender as a 'reward' for the agents that helped test the game. All attempts to remove or isolate the program from the system have failed.
RULES AND SHIT: If you've ever played Yu-Gi-Oh, it's that. If you haven't, here's a rundown of the basic rules. I'll clean them up later, for now it's just how I explained it to the players in the event.

Players can choose to start the game with either 4000 or 8000 LP. They can assemble their decks from 20 to 30 cards, with no more than 3 copies of one card in their decks. The duels will be done as 1v1s unless some weird stuff happens.

It's time to duel.

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