Upsilon-6 MTF Operative

Name: MTF Upsilon-6 Operative
Purpose: Allied Combatant
Nature: Defensive and unfazed.
Description/History: MTF Upsilon-6 is a combat-based MTF, designed to protect Foundation assets against coordinated enemy forces.
Other: Company-sized Unit

Physical Health: 8
Mental Health: 6

Physical Defense: 4
Mental Defense: 5
Perception: 4
Agility: 3
Strength: 4

Persuasion: 3
Intimidation: 4
Bluff: 3

Melee: 5
Ranged: 6
Survival: 4

Sneak: 3
Engineering: 4
Medical: 3


  • CQB Specialist: Upsilon-6 is specially trained in close-quarters combat, and is comfortable with fighting in confined spaces and in urban areas. (+5 Combat stat when in close-range)
  • Tamp It Down: Upsilon-6 is trained to hold the line, and will not be very easily pressed. (+4 PDef & MDef in defensive situations)
  • Overwatch: From their defensive positions, Upsilon-6 can not only provide a stalwart defense against enemy forces, but can also coordinate points of interest and enemy positions to other friendly forces in the area. (+3 Perception)

Engagement Style: Heavily utilizes cover, often providing fire support for allies. Prefers natural defenses or strong man-made defensive positions. Will retreat if the situation becomes too overwhelming.

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