Unlockable Equipment

Certain items can be purchased through the use of XP. These items act as would any other item in the game - only providing the bonuses or effects detailed when they are used by the player, and only applying in a way that is consistent with basic logic. These items can be used in any type of RP, barring instances in which a GM requests that a particular item not be used due to issues with the setting1.

Items may be purchased by any character with the required amount of XP, but the player should get final approval of item purchase from a GM before, in case of conflicts2. The easiest way to do this is to go to the discussion thread link at the bottom of this page and make a new top-level post there listing a link to your character sheet, and the item you would like to have them purchase. A GM will respond to your post with approval or will message you otherwise.

In character, purchased items (for the most part) are treated as having been requisitioned by the character previously and are delivered to their room/person immediately following the spending of the XP. If you'd like to do otherwise, such as RPing the character going down to the equipment office to get them, let the GM who approves the purchase know. Remember to note all XP-based purchases on the character's sheet.


Normal equipment that isn't particularly anomalous, and is used in the field.
Item Name Description Bonus Cost
Dark Sunglasses Sun cheaters were invented in the 1920s, and intended to protect vacation-goers from the light of the bright sun when they went to Atlantic City for Spring Break. Over time, however, this bit of recreational apparel has been misappropriated by the government to be used as a tool for concealing the identity of its agents. Because of this, a certain stigma has been associated with this particular brand of sunglasses. Anyone who sees you wearing a pair of these will be scared stiff. +4 Intim vs. Nonenemy Civilian 8 XP
The Bland Suit/Dress This piece of clothing is made with a fabric that's a very specific color of blue, which tends to blend into the background better than something like grey or even black, especially at night. The actual material for this article of clothing is based off of garb used by the "shinobi" of Japan. Lightweight, easy to manipulate, plenty of hidden pockets. Sneak +1 in Urban. Free small concealed weapon. 12 XP
The BACMID The Biological and Chemical Materials Identification Device is a revolutionary new invention given to the Foundation from their benefactors from the Commonwealth. It is capable of accurately identifying all known elements, compounds and mixtures with ease. Just scan the material you want identified, and it'll identify it with only a 19% margin of error! Try it today! +4 to Science when identifying unknown material. 16 XP
Locksmith Kit Can be easily used to take apart a mechanical lock. +4 to Engineering checks involving lockpicking. Requires 2 in engineering. 16 XP
Anti-Occult Kit A set of equipment based off of Jacob Wexley's anti-fairy kit, with some modifications. Includes a crucifix, five ounces of of silver, a smudge stick of white sage, three ounces of rock salt, and a prayer book based off of the one used by the Catholic Church for exorcisms. Bonuses at GM discretion, but generally can be used to combat most supernatural threats, including vampires, ghosts, fairies3, and possessive demons. 12 XP
EMF Meter A surplus EMF Meter used by the Manhattan Project's Argonne facility to detect possible German bugs. The majority of them were discarded when highly anomalous readings were found. Post-war investigation discovered a large amount of spectral activity in the facility for reasons unknown. Allows the user to take EMF readings, which can, among other things, alert one to the presence of ghosts. 12 XP
Combat Flares An emergency flare gun, with four phosphorus flare shots, two to signal "all clear", and two to signal "danger". Also comes with two stick flares. Can be used as light sources, a means to signal other party members, or, in a pinch, as an improvised weapon. 4 XP
All-Purpose Scope A collapsible scope that can be placed on a variety of weapons from pistols to sniper rifles. Gives a 10x magnification. Guaranteed to help you shoot better or your money back! If the ranged roll of the weapon exactly meets the DC of the object or entity being shot at, 1 damage is done instead of 0. 8 XP
Weapon Augmentations Whether it's a spike on the end of a baseball bat, a new head for your old, rusty axe, a rust treatment for your trench knife, or a whetstone for your cavalry saber, the Foundation has access to anything that you believe can improve your weapon. If the Melee roll of the weapon exactly meets the DC of the object or entity being attacked, 1 damage is done instead of 0. 8 XP
Tranquilizer Pills A month's supply of mild barbiturates. In the field, it's best for a sniper to shoot between heartbeats. This can be difficult in a high-tension situation, however, so to compensate, a good sniper will take a mild sedative to calm himself. +2 to ranged (long range only); however, a DC 5 mdef check is necessary to fight off sleep. 8 XP
Anti-Spooks Kit A kit containing materials (chalk, some riftwood, sage, and various secret herbs and spices) needed to perform a ritual designed to wad off ghosts and other noncorporeal entities. The ritual, when performed, provides protection against noncorporeal melee attacks for up to three hours - as long as a candle that was lit at the onset of the ritual remains lit. +3 pdef against noncorporeal entities while candle is lit, max three hours. One use per event. 10 XP
Trap Marbles No doubt the result of some scientist's child accidentally putting a drawing he did of Tom and Jerry into his briefcase, these marbles are treated with a special oil that gives them a very low amount of friction. Oil may or may not be flammable. The Foundation is not liable for any injuries caused to its agents through use of this equipment. Act as a trap with an Agility 5 DC 4 XP
Quick Acid An Erlenmeyer Flask's worth of quick-acting acid that dissolves only dead organic matter - living and non-organic matter will not be affected. As to how it works, it's simple: ~Science!~ Allows for quick disposal of the body of an organic being. Enough for one corpse, one per run. Effect on undead is GM discretion. 6 XP
Decoy Grenade An unusual bomb first used in the Warsaw Uprising in WWII, where it was called the Feiglingbombe (Coward's Bomb) by the Germans and Rozpalić Hitlerem (Hitler's kindling, coming from the phrase "Rozpalić ogień pod Hitlerem" or "Light a fire under Hitler") by the Polish Resistance. Essentially several small pockets of compressed air in a thin shell, with an explosive in the middle. When the explosive detonates, it pops each pocket individually in rapid succession, simulating the sound of machine gun fire. Produces gunshot noises. 2 per run. 4 XP
Super Multivitamin Spray A specialized blend of nutrients and secret spices that provides protection against exhaustion and illness. Taken by inhalation for fast action. +2 pdef against exhaustion, poison, disease, and similar for one hour after consumption. Up to 400 uses, only usable by wielder4. 8 XP
Fingerprint Gloves First thought up by a member of the Italian Mafia in New York, these gloves are coated with a special polymer that allow for the finger and hand prints of another individual to be copied onto them temporarily, by touching that individual's hand. They can be reset by washing them under cold water. Allows for the copying of fingerprints and handprints, either for espionage or criminal purposes. 2 XP
Beacon A handheld, plastic light with a depressible bulb which acts as a switch. Emits an extremely bright beam of light for 15 minutes once activated, or until deactivated. Can be used to signal teammates. +1 ranged on targeted entity when placed on that enemy. +1 agility to reach a marked location. 3/event 10 XP
Ghost Vac An advanced system of Faraday cages and anti-intangent runes designed to seal ghosts and other noncorporeal entities within a convenient pack. Looks suspiciously like a back-mounted vacuum. Doesn’t kill ghosts, just captures them. +3 on rolls to directly capture noncorporeal enemies. Can only hold one ghost, unless they’re super small. 11 XP
Stealth Suit A slim-fitting suit designed using advanced materials that produce an optically disorienting variable patterning, as well as being heavily insulated to contain body heat. Intended to help the user hide from electronic observation. Comes in various stylish colors and patterns. +1 sneak vs machines (eg, security cameras) 6 XP
Static Shot A low-speed, low-hardness ammunition containing a high-power, short-usage chemical battery designed to deliver a Taser-like stun to the target. The electricity from the round arcs easily between tightly packed small targets. Inadvisable to use around other chemicals and/or potentially volatile objects. +2 ranged vs swarms. Stun (1 round) vs medium organic targets. 3/event 13 XP
Field Containment Kit A small kit containing various types of restraints, concoctions, and other useful bits and bobs for use in containing anomalous entities. Primarily aimed towards humanoids, but designed for flexibility. Kept in a case about the size of a first-aid kit. +2 on rolls to directly contain 6 XP
Silver Bullets Bullets in a variety of calibers made of a lead silver mix to allow for proper sealing and decreased wear on firearms comparable to pure silver bullets. Some very advanced metallurgy going on there. When damage is dealt with this ammunition against a target with a vulnerability to silver, deal one extra point of damage. 8 XP
Split Pistol A revolver with two barrels, neither of which seem to line up correctly. Allows for a double attack. That is, you can attack two times with this weapon when you would usually be able to attack once. Attacks must be made on discrete targets5. 3/event (6 attacks total). 14 XP
Drenched Suit The ultimate in diving suits, made of what scientists have dubbed ‘solid water’. Makes the wearer feel like they're constantly drenched in water when wearing. +2 agility while fully submersed in water. 6 XP
Pacification Grenade A grenade that, when activated, releases a gas after three seconds which forces those in its area of effect into a state of tranquil passivity. Wears off after ten minutes, with no real long term effects. Dissipates very quickly. DC 5 Mdef to resist a passive state in a 15 ft radius. Formulated for humans, effects on others GM discretion. 15 XP
Armor Chaining Modification to the character’s armor or clothing to install a high-strength metal weave, designed to catch and stop blades. +2 pdef vs bladed weapons (slashing or stabbing). 14 XP
Polarized Smokescreen A canister containing a powder made up of very fine, specially designed particulates. Light passes through the smoke in a specifically polarized pattern, allowing a person with the accompanying goggles to see through the smoke. The goggle are somewhat old-fashioned, and very sturdy. Smoke from grenade is invisible to user or other characters who own item. Smoke in 20ft radius, duration depends on environment. 9 XP
Emergency Air A metal bottle of air, containing a supply sufficient to last a single person 10 minutes of normal breathing. This is accomplished through a very complicated and slightly dangerous system of compression and decompression, made possible only by somewhat shady advances in thermal physics. 10 minutes of breathable air, could be stretched to last up to half an hour with minimal activity. 5 XP
Simple Suppressor Suppresses sound at long range. Can be attached to virtually any weapon, but requires use-specific adjustments. After a few uses, the mechanisms wear down and need to be replaced. If a DC 4 sneak roll is met, weapon is silent at long range, but suffers a -2 penalty on ranged. Weapon used must be a rifle or similar. 3/event. 9 XP
Adaptive Camouflage Tarp A man-sized tarp made up of advanced materials designed to mimic one's environment. Allows a person to hide in place, with the color of the tarp adapting to their surroundings after a few moments. +2 sneak in place. Takes a moment (GM discretion) to set up. 12 XP
Glider Liner A thin, light, strong liner sewn into the user’s clothing. It expands when the user pulls a release attached to the shoulder and spreads out from beneath their arms. Lets the user glide a small amount, rather than falling to their death. As though the user had a small emergency parachute, effectiveness is GM discretion. 16 XP
The Patented Bug Zapper A small, black, ceramic disk. Developed by the CIA in response to espionage concerns. Disrupts nearby electronic devices via various forms of signal and electrical interference. Disables simple electrical devices nearby (ie, within the room for bugs, or adjacent electronic devices whether malicious or not). 7 XP
Dazzling Firecrackers A bundle of firecrackers with an easy-light wick, designed to be thrown at an enemy. Effects enemies in 5ft radius. DC5 mdef to resist 1 round distraction stun. 2/event 7 XP
Tactical Crowbar A specially designed, tacticool crowbar. Guaranteed to utilize the lever principle or your money back. Remember! M = Fr! Slightly concealed blunt melee weapon, akin to a rod. Can be used with strength to open doors and similar, at GM discretion. 4 XP
"Vampir" Night Vision Scope A large UV spotlight and an ultraviolet-sensitive lens used to sight targets in dark conditions. Based on German World War 2 technology. Makes the target more visible when utilizing it. When used in low-light areas and locations, the agent will gain improved spotting through the darkness. +2 to Perception when sighting targets in the dark. 12 XP


Certain training programs can be purchased, which provide the character with skills that operate similarly to normal specialty skills.
Item Name Description Bonus Cost
Tracking Manual A book about how to track various animals in several environments. Can be extrapolated to people with enough thought. +2 to Survival rolls involving tracking 8 XP
First-Aid Manual/Advanced Field Manual Teaches basic First Aid, including how to treat a snake bite, a bullet wound, and resuscitation. +2 to basic Medical checks. If already proficient in medicine, provides for more advanced in-field treatment such as closing up wounds, healing infections and curing severe sickness. (More complex operations, such as surgery, are not affected by this) 12 XP
Language Lessons Learn a language of your choice with ease! Options include German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian and many more! Permanently learn a non-native language. Takes four weeks of soft-RP, with proficiency steadily improving until 'passable'. Greater proficiency requires more extensive RP. 12 XP
The Investigator's Cookbook A misprint of "the Investigator's Handbook". Gives advice on how to identify blood splatter patterns, causes of death, and how to make grandma's famous arsenic casserole. +2 to Perception and Science checks when actively investigating some form of crime scene. 8 XP
Basic Electrical Engineering A book diagramming various electrical systems, from how a lightbulb works to the inner workings of a modern television. Could be useful! +2 to engineering checks involving electrical systems. 8 XP
Mythology A reprint of Edith Hamilton's Mythology, first published in 1942. Includes details about Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology, plus an addendum about Egyptian Mythology penned by one Aqil Huety. +4 to academics checks involving mythological entities or stories from the Greek, Roman, Norse or Ancient Egyptian mythologies. 10 XP
CIA Codebook A manual stolen- sorry, "borrowed" from the CIA that details how to crack several esoteric codes and ciphers, including common Vigenere keys, speculation on the Beale Ciphers, and how to use a one-time pad. +2 to Bluff checks involving the spreading of secret code, and +2 to academics checks to crack said codes. 8 XP
Runemaster’s Fieldbook Specifically Colonel Humphrey Baat's Instructional Manual on the Safe Study and Use of Mystic Runes, Sigils, and Religious Symbology. Contains information about various types of magical runes, ranging across many cultures and fields of study. +2 academics to understand magical runes and similar6 6 XP


Some items meant to be used in the field are anomalous.
Item Name Description Bonus Cost
Five-Minute Camera One of a set of Polaroid Pathfinder cameras recovered from an airplane that crashed fifteen minutes away from Site 19. The airplane had no identifying markings, no pilot, and apart from these, unremarkable cargo. All pictures taken by the cameras show a scene five minutes and thirty-three seconds in the past. Comes with 20 pictures worth of Polaroid film. When a picture is taken with this camera, it shows a scene approximately five minutes before the party got there. 12 XP
Lined Boots A set of black leather boots lined with some kind of soft fabric; Foundation researchers have determined that the fabric appears to come from some form of carpet or rug found in the Arabian Peninsula. Appears to reduce the weight of the wearer, but always seem to fit poorly, no matter who wears it. +3 to non-combat agility checks twice a day; however, if this is used more than twice in a day, the boots will fall off and be unable to be put back on by the same person for another 24 hours. 15 XP
Sponge of Holding A yellow kitchen sponge that can absorb up to 200 gallons of a given liquid without gaining any significant mass. While wrung, will release liquid until wringing stops or liquid is depleted. Holds up to 200 gallons of a liquid. Maximum fill rate of 10 gallons/minute and release rate of 1 gal/min. 10 XP
Bangle Blade This was discovered in India shortly after a series of murders by a group of extremists claiming to be "Avenging the Mahatma". Naturally, the Foundation and the Indian Government, overseen by President Prasad, came down on them hard. Most of the items they used in the murders were mundane, with the exception of sets of five banglets that, when worn on an outstretched arm, turned into a pata sword. These have since been used for covert operations in Asia, particularly the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia. Hidden weapon. 16 XP
The Kneecapper A wooden baseball bat that, when it strikes an enemy, transfers all applied force to their kneecaps. Incapable of injuring any other portion of a target. If the target lacks knees, it applies the force of the blow to an equivalent area. All melee damage done with weapon is applied to target's knees or equivalent. 6 XP
Silence Bomb An experimental grenade developed by the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare for covert operations. The bomb is a paradox; it creates an explosion so impossibly loud that, when it goes off, all sound vanishes from the area for about five minutes. When detonated, sound- including speech- cannot be created for five minutes. Thirty foot radius from detonation, vaguely grenade shaped. No sound when activated, except for normal grenade landing noises. 10 XP
Elbow Capper A slightly short baseball bat made of aluminum, with no real identifying features. Applies all delivered force directly to the funny bone of the enemy. Doesn't do damage, but disarms and staggers when damage would be done, if possible. 12 XP
Lucky Rock A stone which, when thrown at a target, will always return to the user. Has a high chance of dealing improbably large damage and generally causing accidental havoc. Returns to user within a round, luck effects per GM discretion. 8 XP
Metaphorical Grappling Gun Grappling guns are silly concepts, and are completely unfeasible. The concept of a grappling gun, now that’s a different issue. This somewhat mystical and hugely fun utility allows a person to pull other towards them using invisible strands in the air. Looks like a toy ray gun. Can pull entities of comparable size to user. Can pull user towards entities of larger size. No effect on non-entities. 3/event 12 XP
Serpent’s Wrap A sash weaved from the hair of a rare snake native to Tibet. Said to grant the Aspect of the Serpent God. Mostly, it's just very tight. Worn about the waist, similarly to a cummerbund. User is able to fit in spaces half the size of what they could normally manage. 8 XP
Introspective Mask A mask, completely blank and featureless on the outside, but covered in intricate runes on the insides. Slightly oversized. While worn, -3 perception, and +3 mdef vs psychic or psychological threats 15 XP


Trinkets are items which are of relatively little value or usefulness, but might be interesting. Some may have effects that aren't stated outright, and some may be part of a limited run.
Item Name Description Bonus Cost
Wayfarer’s Compass An old-fashioned sailing compass, made of wood and brass. The letters normally present are absent, and instead the word Dublin is written in small print where the N would usually go. Always points in the direction of Dublin, Ireland. This holds true no matter how far you go, so long as there is a path that leads there. None. Effect in extra-dimensional spaces decided by presiding GM. 3 XP
Pyrotic Lighter A Zippo lighter which, when lit, releases a great deal of flammable fluid from its tip, far more than it could potentially contain. Suspected to cause indigestion. Extremely ineffectual flamethrower. One use per event. 4 XP
Cool Shades Really cool sunglasses. High fashion stuff. Slight UV protection. 4 XP
Lore Document A random document pulled from an old records bank, detailing some portion of Foundation lore. Each one purchased will be different. No actual IC effect, entirely OOC. 1 XP
Writ of Disarmament N/A Characters are not allowed to have any form of firearm, bladed or blunt weapon in their possession while on-site, and are to hand all personal weaponry over to Security's Armoury; should a character be seen in possession, they are to be disarmed and given a final warning, with any following violations to be met with lethal force. Characters may be subject to random person and room searches, and will be supplied their weaponry before a mission.

For information on other, craftable items, see the Crafting page.
If you have any questions regarding any of this, or if you have any ideas for new items to add to this page, contact Wogglebug or one of the other GMs. Thanks to all the players who contributed to this system, especially Ihp, who came up with a lot of the equipment.

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