Trampling Over Death By Death Hub

Welcome to the plot hub for Quinlan's Trampling Over Death By Death mini-plot! This page will try and give an overview (mostly by linking logs) of the plot.

The plot starts with "By The Pricking Of My Thumbs...", an event where Carson, Shen, and Floyd take a walk in the forest and end up meeting an incarnation of Death named Claudia, who tells them to find SCP-911 and proceeds to beat Shen into a week-long coma; Floyd gets lost in the woods, and Carson manages to evade her attacks long enough to merely pass out.

After a few information dumps, we next pick up the plotline with "A Forest Dark," wherein Carson, Evan, and Dana heading to Pakistan because the W.H.O. has been receiving reports of cessation of higher brain functions among locals. They use relief workers from the Red Cross as a disguise, finding a tapestry displaying some sort of legend related to the smoke from "By The Pricking Of My Thumbs…." The team recovers SCP-911, which is touched by both Dana and Carson. Its anomalous nature absorbs Carson's soul1, causing him to go into a catatonic state; the rest of the team makes it out safely. Carson, meanwhile, is sucked into an odd forest realm, inhabited by a single crone. The fire keeping the smoke entity at bay ends up going out, leading to him asphyxiating nearly to the point of death.

Now, in soft RP, Carson is learning about this place he's in, apparently called the "Great Unknown." Three rules come with the Great Unknown:

  • The constant haze in the Great Unknown, which has been known to kill people, is kept at bay by fire.
  • Paths only take you to the place you want to go if you concentrate; otherwise, they have no specific destination.
  • Items in the Great Unknown only serve their intended purpose. IE, torches not meant to burn down will stay alight forever; rocks meant to beat things into shapes will do so instantaneously; etc.

Carson also finds a crashed Boeing 777, and finds out that the woman who welcomed him to the Great Unknown was being controlled by the smoke, which is set alight by fire.

What will happen next? Stay tuned to your favorite RP for more Trampling Over Death By Death!
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