Tier III Zhyr Series

The Tier III series of the Zhyr supersoldier project has been regarded by Foundation intelligence as one of the most threatening aspects of dealing with Elorean affairs.


Based off recovered documents, the Tier III series was designed from the ground up to fix up the shortcomings of the Tier II series. Instead of mass production of single-purpose supersoldiers, the Tier III goes about diversifying elements, further augmenting Elorean and Iridian military strength.

Combined with advances in thaumaturgy, metallurgy, pharmacology, and general technology level increases due to contact with outside modern elements, the Tier III represents a new paradigm of Elorean military strategy. Rather than the cumbersome knight charges that have been easily dealt with via firearms, the Tier IIIs incorporate modern weaponry and modern tactics, which combined with their near-superhuman feats and absolute loyalty, makes for deadly opponents to encounter in the field.


Tier III squads change their tactics depending on the squad composition, the fighting strength of the squad, and the enemy they are encountering. However, the following tactics have been observed in the field:

  • A DFDR will utilize its runic shield to protect weaker Tier III subtypes behind it, and slowly advance, while the protected unit is able to fire from behind cover;
  • A SCRH will attempt to box in a fleeing enemy with the flames ejected from its flamethrower, and attempt to prevent escape;
  • An ASLT will charge gunlines with surprising speed, with the intent of breaking enemy formations and causing panic, while it engages threats with gunfire;
  • A SUBD will utilize the power of its stunlock rod to isolate and weaken distracted enemy elements until they are disabled or killed.

Further tactics have yet to be observed.


The following countermeasures have been found to be effective against certain Zhyr subtypes and unit compositions:

  • If possible, target the fuel tank on a SCRH's back. With enough damage, this tank will violently explode, damaging and burning other enemy units around it. Take care to ensure friendly forces are not within the blast radius;
  • DFDR shields are rather tough, but not completely impenetrable - explosives and high-powered rifled rounds will break through easily;
  • SUBD subtypes are deadly at close range, but lack the armor of the other subtypes - a decent firearm will make quick work of them.
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