The Silent Hunt

The Silent Hunt

Being a summary of the plot for those who are uninvolved, confused, or just plain dumb.

GOIs and POIs.

The Hunt Itself.

Founded to fight incredibly powerful reality benders known as Pattern Screamers, the Hunt seems to have been extremely old and outfitted with highly advanced technology, but was still seemingly populated entirely by baseline humans.
The Hunt appears to have been completely destroyed, and all of its members killed (an event referred to as "The Fall"). The reason for this is still unclear.


An artificial intelligence affiliated with the Hunt, Poodle (the name appears to be some kind of poor mental translation of huntscript) ran most of the Hunt's equipment and monitored the fabric of reality for incoming Screamers. After whatever caused the fall of the Hunt, Poodle was fractured from his component processors and as a result has been somewhat scatterbrained, although he seems to be recovering as more Lodges are brought back under his control.
Although most likely anomalous, Poodle remains on good terms with the Foundation due to his helpful programming and servile demeanor. This is not to say that the Foundation trusts him, however…
It may be worth noting that a poodle is a kind of gun dog.


A Pattern Screamer aligned with the hunt for unknown reasons, Preacher was the first to contact the Foundation, and has inducted several agents into the Silent Hunt. While Poodle's cooperation is tolerated and occasionally valued, Preacher's efforts have been much less respectful of the Foundation's wishes, and he is looked on with distrust by the few officials who know of him, primarily due to his two intrusions on Foundation property and blatant disregard for the fabric of reality.

Preacher's real name is Cunebrach.


The inventor of the bihominid unison spheres, Metamora was apparently a "human hero of the Hunt", whatever that means. She was killed during the attack which destroyed lodge Heidrodotar, but survived long enough to pass one of the spheres on to Artyom Elkin.


The result of Gwendolyn "Kit" Bowman and Artyom Elkin using the bihominid unison spheres, Kityom was one individual with the strength of dozens. They stopped existing after returning to Site-19, becoming Artyom and Gwendolyn once again.


Little to nothing is known about this individual, except that the name seems to afford a ritualistic reverence amongst the hunters.


A Hunter, and a child of a woman from Crozier, Astrid is a young woman with the assigned quest of finding and reclaiming any lost Hunt equipment. She has come to the Foundation recently, asking for help in her task in exchange for preventing the world from ending in October, which it apparently will do. Foundation high command are skeptical.

The Seven Hands of Abbaddon

A group of seven incredibly powerful Pattern Screamers, Very little is known about the Hands, other than that Cunebrach and Cacodem were once members. The presence of any member of the Seven Hands is a significant threat, as the extent of their power is not known, although it is suspected to be vast beyond comprehension.


Also known as "Crusher", Cacodem was a member of the Seven Hands who was defeated by Psi-7 on the plains of Arizona. He is currently deceased. Although his reality manipulating power was unrecorded, it is known that he could exceed the stabilising strength of an object believed to have several orders of magnitude more potency than a Scranton buoy, which would make him vastly more powerful than any documented reality bender, to the point where normal scales become meaningless.

Further Information


A written and spoken language that seems to have a significant anomalous component. When observed or heard it is always understood, often sounding or looking as if it were written in the recipient's native language. Extensive testing has revealed it is in no way infohazardous.

Grada Droids

Robotic units under the control of the Hunt, Grada droids are armed with solid projectile weaponry and resemble bipedal humans in shape and size. Both the droids and the projectiles their weapons fire appear to contain some compact version of a Scranton array, making them extremely resistant to anomalous interference. Although individual Grada droids are of comparatively lpw quality, the Hunt can produce a significant number of them with only limited facilities and time.


Undead humanoids of various forms, revenants can be human, furry and frilled, reptillian and fanged, or often eerily close to human with but the slightest of changes. All revenants are extremely tough and utterly fearless, but animated only by a black crystal the size of a railway spike through their body in some location. Most Hunt members from before the fall were turned into Revenants, and they populate most defunct Hunt structures.


A one-of-a-kind robot, Toledo was an enormous droid that guarded the core of lodge Heidrodotar. He is presumably destroyed, thrown into the deepest depths of the reactor by Kityom.


Lodges are large extradimensional spaces from which the Hunt operated, housing sleeping and arming facilities. Lodge Heidrodotar is the only known working lodge since the fall, and has an entryway that can be found on an island off the east coast of Canada.

Pattern Screamers

Reality benders beyond compare, Pattern Screamers have the dubious honour of being the only beings known to be on the "Green God" level of existence warping (although others have been theorized). They appear to live outside the areas traditionally thought of as existence, and almost all seem to be absolutely omnicidal. Their origins and motives are, as yet, unknown.

Black Crystal

Black Crystal appears connected with the Screamers, although it is unknown how. Cacodem possessed apiece the size of a large house, and it can be found within all Revenants to some extent. Black crystal has an extreme effect on localised Hume levels, increasing nonlinearly with size, and is to be destroyed on sight.

The Story So Far

The Tests

For reasons unknown, an intelligence referring to itself as "Preacher" puts Maxwell Sterling and Pierre Allard through a series of trials. Both pass, performing minor act of reality bending in pocket universes that seem almost silent.

The Hunt Begins.

A spectral child in a white jumpsuit appears to Maxwell Sterling, Artyom Elkin, Kailee Beake and George Spiers and transports them to a distant location where two silhouettes, one ringed in white and the other in red, are locked in a fight that is shattering the ground. The red warrior clearly has the upper hand, but Maxwell recognises the white figure's voice as being that of Preacher, and he and Artyom stop his opponent, giving their questionable ally time to recover. They are dragged back into Site-19 just as Preacher rips his enemy limb from limb.

Even In Death

Shortly after returning, George and Kailee are called out to perform an autopsy on a anomalous object- an extremely radioactive, seemingly human torso recovered by the Foundation after falling through the atmosphere and landing nearby to Site-19. Midway into the procedure, the cadaver's eyes open and the surrounding universe is seemingly retoractively manipulated through a series of scenarios, in which the team are lords and ladies at a banquet, treasure hunters on a mountain, and finally deckhands on some kind of spaceship- all universes created so that the almost-cadaver could hide itself from its hunter, Preacher, who was following the team half-aware of his actions.
Eventually the reality bender was destroyed by George and Kailee, and reality reestablished.

Night At the Lodge

The spectral child appears to the Foundation, pointing them in the direction of a series of anomalous items and attempting to ingratiate itself. The child, referring to himself as "Poodle", explains the situation to the Foundation as best it can, and requests that they help him rebuild the Hunt. Assistance for the Hunt is eventually provided, as long as Foundation oversight is permitted, to which Poodle gladly agrees.
Agents Elkin, Kailee, Bowman and Spiers are sent into something known as "Lodge Heidrodotar" with instructions to reactivate its core. They are fought by both the humanoid Grada droids and Hunter revenants, as well as the defensive unit Toledo. By using the Lodge's main artifact, Bowman and Elkin successfully fuse into one being with the strength to defeat Toledo, forming a battle between the robots, themself, and the revenant army. In the end they are successful in reactivating the core, and return to realspace.

Free the Grand Sorairo!

The newly refounded Hunt deploys into the town of Crozier, Aroizona, in response to an incoming Pattern Screamer invasion. The Foundation sends its own team to the location to evacuate and amnesticise the residents, as well as several Psi-7 members who are known to be on good terms with the Hunt.

Maxwell, Kailee, George and Gwen arrive in Crozier and begin their job of liaising with the Hunt. Maxwell discovers that Preacher is present, although not planning on intervening in whatever happens- he is hoping that the Hunt, with the assets gained by reclaiming Heidrodotar, can win by its own. Meanwhile, Kailee is taken to a nearby location by a woman posing as a Foundation soldier who uses the scientist's blood to activate a nearby unknown Lodge, the symbol for which is identical to those Mailed has been drawing for months now as part of her book about large fighting robots.

The activation of the interdimensional Lodge gate weakens reality, and the invasion immediately starts. A hole in the universe opens, and an army of flesh and metal creatures pours through, but is held at bay by a the combined efforts of the Hunt and the Foundation. Even the pattern screamers are quickly defeated by the Hunt's own forces Everything seems to be going well until Cacodem, one of the Hands of Abbaddon, arrives and blows apart the Hunt forces. Preacher prepares to give his life in a fighting retreat to allow the remaining Foundation members and civilians enough time to retreat to the nearby church where a device similar to a Scranton Anchor but vastly more powerful has been set up.

The MTF members fight their way to the church before Cacodem arrives with the almost dead body of Preacher in one hand. He effortlessly destroys the plane the GOC sends to bomb the area in an extremely gruesome way, and then blows up the church, Anchor and al, killing the civilians and MTF members quite painfully, as well as destroying a significant chunk of Arizona.

The agents wake up in a series of rather sadistic mental tests, which they all pass. They are then transported into the cockpit of a hundred metre tall fighting robot named the Sorairo, one of the strongest Hunt miracles, and do battle with Cacodem using a cannon and sword that can be used to end worlds. Cacodem is killed in both his base and advanced forms by the agents, at which point the Sorairo loses power. Poodle thanks the agents for their work, and tells them to return to Site 19. The Hunt will take on everyone else who died in Crozier that day as members, and should be functional as an independent organisation again as a result. He also repairs Arizona through unknown means.

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