The Burgeoning Foundation

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Foundation History

In the past, keeping up the masquerade and protecting humanity from the anomalous fell to the hands of the world governments. However, with the Great Depression weakening said governments and concentrating power in the hands of a few madmen, it became clear to a few that perhaps an independent agency would be best at it. Thirteen intelligent, well-connected individuals organized to consult and draw up plans for such an organization. They called themselves the Overseer Council.

The Overseers designated The Administrator to be the public head of the Foundation and to handle its day-to-day operations, giving him the title O5-1. The Overseer council as a whole prefers to decide matters of organizational direction and worldwide importance, as well as the Foundation's interaction with governments and other GoIs.

The Overseers began recruiting in 1945, just after the end of the European theater of World War 2. They originally drew from ex-military, academia, and intelligence ranks. However, the UN-sponsored GOC and the allure of the high-profit MC&D quickly overtook the Foundation in recruiting power. So they had to lower their expectations a bit.

In 1949, the Foundation managed to acquire Site 19 and The Navigator, greatly enhancing their credibility and ability to locate and contain items. From there, they managed to get their hands on a few key objects and financial resources. Things took off from there.

Mobile Task Force Psi-7 was formed in 1953 to serve as the front line of SCP retrieval after the previous MTF was lost inside a box of cereal.

Site 19


Site 19, named that way for no particular reason, is located in rural upstate New York. It was originally a hidden weapons research facility run by the US Government. How it came into the hands of the Foundation is unclear, but the first several years of the organization's history were spent outfitting portions of the facility to meet the Foundation's needs (i.e. electricity and water, security measures).

Site 19 has a few parts worth mentioning:

Individual rooms

Each person on the site has their own room. Each room contains a bed, a desk, a bedside table, cabinets, and a poster reading "Mankind Must Not Go Back To Living In Fear". Each door has a simple locking mechanism. Every door is labeled with the persons name.

Containment Wing

All of the SCPs are contained here. A list can be found here. These are what would later be called Safe- or Euclid-class; the Foundation isn't yet willing or able to deal with Keters for the most part, and usually hands them over to the GOC.


The research into the anomalous done by the Foundation is done there. Whether it's experimenting on various SCP objects, or doing some personal science projects, all scientific research is done here. Scientific personnel will use this as their own personal workspace, and do their research here. Descriptions of the various laboratories can be found here


Most medical research carried out by the Foundation takes place here. Only anomalous injuries or those that would be considered suspicious are dealt with here; the hospital in town (about forty-five minutes) away by car is more well-equipped for most things, save emergencies.


A group of offices and barracks near the center of the base house most of the security staff that aren't on patrol or guarding SCPs.

Living Quarters

A number of rooms in the south wing of the base house all of the Foundation's employees, save the O5 Council. Quarters are adequately furnished and heated, but there is no air conditioning. About the size of a motel room (image used for size reference only). Full access to electricity and hot and cold water.

Cafeteria and Kitchen

Big enough for the entire Foundation to gather at mealtimes, the cafeteria is adjacent to the kitchen. The kitchen staff do their best with what they have, producing something somewhere between home cooking and military rations. Quantity is typically not an issue, even when quality is.


Much of the facility's basement is devoted to storage of non-anomalous objects and supplies, such as documents, equipment, evidence, etc. The armory and pantry are located down here.

The Common Rooms

There are several common rooms designated for different departments. Each will generally have a radio, some newspapers and magazines, and various couches, chairs, and tables. The one used by MTF Psi-7 has a pool table and a piano.


Contains exercise equipment both modern and outdated, including those vibraty-rubber-belt things, barbells, punching bags, weights, and a boxing ring. Basically anything you'd expect from a half-decent gymnasium of the time period. There are some faded motivational paintings on the walls.


A very basic, simple range, with five lanes and some basic targets. Kind of tucked away, and not really a very large part of the site.

Computer Lab

A bunch of reel-to-reel, lining the walls, UNIVAC-type computers. The Enigmagraphs can be found here, as well as a number of powerful computers and powerful computer accessories. It's pretty clear the Foundation has sunk a sizable chunk of their budget into this place, as it's on the bleeding edge and is absolutely state-of-the-art, especially compared to some other parts of the facility.

Metal Shop

Where the vehicle pool gets their automobiles repaired, as well as any other mechanical issue the site might be having. If there's a person who does maintenance work, or builds things with their hands, they'd be working in here. Has the tools you'd expect from a place that builds cars/computers/walls/anything else the Administrator might need. Also houses the garage for the motor pool.


Site-19 is surrounded by miles of untouched state forest that have been mysteriously devoid of logging companies carrying permits. The Site-19 is reachable using winding, gravel service roads maintained by the New York State Conservation Department. These roads eventually lead to county and state highways.

Site-19's immediate 100 acres of grounds are cordoned off by barb-wire fence marked with "danger keep out" and "Property of the US Army". This barrier is not terribly good at this point but it is patrolled and maintained by Security Chief Lambert. The grounds themselves alternate between northern broadleaf forest habitat and Foundation maintained "meadows" of open ground. Site-19 itself is within the innermost meadow, set against one of the mountains of the Catskills. Most of Site-19 is located within the mountain in a vast bunker complex. The reason for this design is two-fold. Site-19 is well-hidden and remote and unlikely to be broken into by conventional means. Site-19's surrounding enviorons will direct casual intruders along well-watched and well-understood routes, allowing for effective interdiction.


The site has one medium sized-chapel which is shared between the site's Jewish, Protestant and Catholic chaplains. The rabbi gets the chapel on the Saturdays while Sunday evening is split between the minister and the priest. The rest of the time, they alternate their sermons and sacraments.

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