Thangy thang
  • I've Been Through Worse: 3 Growing up poor in russia, during the russian revolution, was an experience, but it doesn't compare to what she saw while conscripted into the Russian military during WW2. She was at Smolensk when it got taken and saw nearly everyone in her division killed, she was one of the 300,000 russian soldiers taken captive there, even after escaping the POW camp, she didn't escape the war and she saw horrors in Stalingrad that shook her to her very core. Drawing on these experiences, very little shakes her any more (+3 Mdef when dealing with blood/gore/death/horrifying things)
  • Sniper: 4 She shoots guns, that was her job in the military, one of the millions of young people who were conscripted into the military, she was a good enough shot that she actually got to have one of the working, loaded guns. She trained and practiced and shot often, and honed her talent to a razor edge. (+4 Ranged combat when at a range of 100 Meters or more)
  • Tough as Nails: 1 Having survived life as a prisoner of war, Niko's raw willpower can get her through some pretty gruesome blows and get her back into action faster. (Niko can weather nasty blows, and as such, has a +1 threshold against being knocked unconscious.)
  • Shaken, Not Stirred: 1 Niko is about as tough as a brick, and she's been through enough rough-and-tumble not to be dissuaded from explosions or rocky rides. There's not much that can keep this Russian down! (Niko is tough against trauma, and gains +1 PDef against explosions, crashes, and blast/shock waves.)
  • I Know War: 3 Niko has survived many, many near death experiences, shellings, gunshot wounds, knife wounds, malnutrition, hypothermia, frostbite, she's been through it all. And she's lived. (Niko's experience with nasty environments grants her +3 survival in war-torn terrain.)
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