Takeo Kurihara

Name: Takeo Kurihara AKA "Otakeo, The Dragon of the West"
Purpose: Ally
Nature: Snarky but kind. Always busy, it seems.
Description/History: A Japanese woman with a preference for the color red. Former dragon god and current Site-22 Assistant Director
Other: Has very limited ability in her human form

Physical Health: 40
Mental Health: 50

Physical Defense: 10
Mental Defense: 10
Perception: 12
Agility: 9
Strength: 5

Persuasion: 10
Intimidation: 10
Bluff: 12

Melee: 10
Ranged: 4

Sneak: 12
Academics: 8


  • Pyromancy: Has the ability to summon flames with her mind.
  • Smoke and Mirrors: Produces illusions to deceive and distract.

Engagement Style: The less violent side of a split god, she prefers a defensive style over an offensive one.

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