Whiskey Stones and Broken Bones (II)

The sounds refused to cease, chattering and clicking continued as the night droned on and on.

What of the clattering and cheers? Drowned out by sin that went down as smooth as undisturbed smoke, the world fluttered to its oblivion and the glass which set such in motion clattered to the table.

Head bowed, she grinned like a madman. Why wouldn't she when the clinks and cheers sounded like a symphony in her mind? Why be bothered when the world swirled and bled like a forgotten watercolor Monet- colors bled into one another until a rainbow of sights shone in time with every cressendo and staccato of her song. The tempo sped up as attendants took of that same smooth vice.

She smiled and stood, the music moved her like the sharp statements of a man to an army.

What were they all but slaves to desire? The only reason that they stepped out far past midnight, that they grinned like beasts out in the cold of the night, was this. They came to fancy clubs to lose track of where the night had began and where it ended.

Hands on her shoulders seated her before she could begin to sway, someone she couldn't see kept her firmly rooted to her chair. It was obnoxious- it actually started to hurt.

The symphony turned sour, dischordent. Upbeat melodies turned rushed and blaring, the rainbow of color bled until it became murky and dull. Muddy and fragemented, the world slowly fractured into smaller shapes. The symphony itself slowly died into chortles and the clinks of miscellenous toasts. Paradise slowly faded, and it felt as if she would hurl. Broken glass felt as though it had wormed its way inside her simply to rend her, it was all so sudden that she missed the needle in her arm.

She hadn't noticed it until it slowly withdrew, and was disposed of. Behind her, the blond wore a look of concern. Aqua eyes begged to know if something was wrong, and a jade gaze could not respond. The broken glass seemed as though it wanted to worm its way up her throat, shredding everything as it went on its way.

Aqua eyes continued to plead for an answer, and she slowly nodded.

Bringing someone down from Lucidiy artifically was never easy, quick, or painless. Why he'd done it was unknown, but she trusted he had reason. The poison didn't leave, it just stopped feeling good.

Aqua did not relent.

Strained: "Andrew. I'm fine, really." Tapping fingers and nausea threatened to change this.

"You'd better be…" A sharp inhale, "You went off for a drink. A single drink. I come find you and you're on your fourth Lucidity."


"Lillie, I know you didn't just decided on a whim to go out of it. I know you better than that."

Somewhere under the sharpness was some shred of concern that matched the dialogue. Somewhere-

"How bad was she." Calm, steady.

"She was on her fourth, I had to bring her down. She was dancing." He sighed.

She wanted to scream, he never let her dance. She held her tounge. She held her tounge to look-

Warm grey met hard jade, she wasn't sure what else she expected. Of course he'd seen her drink, of course he'd found and told Andrew.

Who else would've noticed?

"Lillian, why..?" Concern fell like raindrops, it was so thick on his words.

"Because- I made a mistake. I made a mistake."

She tripped over the words, she didn't want to say that it was a mistake she would make again. Humans make those mistakes, she wasn't at fault. She wasn't at fault.

"Lillie, let's go home. Ville- You can drive right?"

"Yes. I would be happy to."

She had nothing to say, it was time to go home. It was time to go to paradise, without the poison.

"Ville, help me get her to the car. Vale won't know you're missing."

"He'd understand."


She dropped the letter in the post, it'd been rewritten several times over. Vale had said it dozens of times.

"He doesn't know we know. He shouldn't know."

So silence covered the letter, with the faint scent of smokey wine.

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