Where Are They Now

T/Sgt Jonathan Zhao

"I still remember how we once bet that he couldn't pick up even a village girl," laughed Hines.

"Then he comes back with Minase. What a joker." His partner, Vincents, sighs.

They both look at the jungle tombstones that marked both their fallen comrade, late T/Sgt Zhao, and his would-be wife in another life, Minase Ozawa. "We don't know what or who killed you, but we will find out, and we will avenge you someday, partner." They both clinked glasses, and slammed back another glass of tubâ.

Radio chatter interrupts their moment of solace. "Delta-Nine, Delta-Two. Threat confirmed moving northbound, inbound towards Davao City. Delta-Six running interference against Foundation personnel. Move to interception point and neutralize threat before Foundation arrival, Do you copy, over?"

Hines smiles, loading his rifle, while Vincents picks up his spotting scope, and re-dons the ghillie suit. "Delta-Two, Delta-Six, affirmative, moving to intercept and neutralize. Over."

Doctor Adrian Coxwell

Stella lays her flowers at the feet of her uncle's memorial, silently thanking him for his gift to her, Charles, and Florence - helping to guarantee the survival of their domain.

"Willow, I do not know how you did it, nor do I want to know, but thank you for returning my uncle's bones, so that he may be given a dignified final rest."

"Anytime, my lady," came Willow's reply. Stella's entire retinue stood behind her, nodding in agreement of the late doctor's sacrifices and accomplishments.

Deep in thought, Douglas gazes upon the grave of the former Coxwell. The only one in the family to have not inherited the genes for telepathy, Adrian made up for his lack of the gift with sweeping advances in the fields of trauma surgery, and biological weaponry. His expertise allowed him to formulate the virus necessary to help the royal children survive the Baptism unscathed, ensuring that Elora would survive even past this rough time.

Douglas never trusted Adrian, knowing that the former commander was a fugitive in his own world, dealing a significant wound to the Foundation that he once worked with. Fearing he would do the same with his own niece, Douglas always watched the doctor, making sure he never stepped out of line. Slightly relieved that the doctor has now passed on, he nods to Stella, as she begins walking to the prepared carriage.

"Douglas, I trust you the most," Stella spoke. Handing him a letter, she looks up into his eyes. "I need you to do this for me…"

Victor Corvitz

Warrant Officer Cardan Zhyr

Captain Hardwell carefully seals and douses each folder with kerosene, before setting fire to the massive stack. Absolutely no-one else must find out about this failed project.

Tyler Zeringue

Tyler holds his newborn son, cradling him in his arms. For all the bad things in the world, this is one of the very few sweet things in his life that came out of the death and despair.

Doctor Renee Zhang

Damien Ren

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