What Could Have Been

Sgt Forrest H. Green

"Daddy!" Little Roger and Isabella ran up to their father, recently returned from a trip to Germany, as Forrest picked up his son and daughter and swung both of them up and around.

Nearby, Gaile sat on the porch, drinking a refreshing cup of wine. "Welcome home, love."

Doctor Alice Szeto

Sitting within a gazebo, Alice lounges back and thinks about how life was.

Before her breakthrough.

Now, as an accomplished and independent woman, she smiles, knowing that all is right with the world.

Doctor Adrian Coxwell

"I'm sorry, Uncle - you'll never be able to walk again…" Stella looks down at her uncle, permanently confined to a wheelchair after a disastrous run-in with the Hand.

Adrian stood himself up. "That's fine - how is your mother?"

Stella cracked a smile. "She is well, recovering from her fever. Enjoying your early retirement?"

Adrian looks down for a second, a bit lost in thoughts. Thinking back to all the hell surrounding him, was this path worth it? For all the pain he caused and received in turn, was what he did justified?

Looking up, and seeing a healthy and strong Stella, Charles, and Florence looking back at him with smiles, reassured him. Sure, his legs were useless now, but for this cost, he could live with it…

Warrant Officer Cardan Zhyr

Type Blues feared him.

Type Reds abhorred him.

Type Greens dream self-destructive nightmares about him.

For the GOC, the Zhyr project was almost a write-off, except for this one.

Cardan Zhyr was whispered in hushed tones within the mess, and spoken with trepidation in the field - such is the level of horror the shell of a man could invoke among friends and enemies.

Victor Corvitz

"Master Victor Corvitz." Looking

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