The Last Job

A girl leaned up against a darkened alleyway. She looked around one last time, then walked deeper into the passage. The girl arrived at an iron door and knocked. It opened slowly, screeching a little on the rusty hinges.

“You’re late,” a deep voice rumbled as she stepped in. Another man closed the door quickly behind her.

“I know… I tried getting here sooner but I had to take a different route,” she replied, looking around. It was a shabby little place and not that big, but it worked for what it was needed for. She made her way to the rough table and took a seat on a simple metal chair.

The man sighed from across the table. “Fine… but it better not happen again, Aleron.” Zoe just nodded in reply, knowing what could happen if it did. “Before I get any further, you should know there is a high risk of failure. Three others have died before you trying to get this item, so are you sure you want to take this?”

“Of course. With this payout, who wouldn’t say no?” she said nonchalantly. $1000 could keep her from leaving her apartment for months.

“Exactly what the last ones said…” the man mumbled. “Anyways, the place is called Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd., or MC&D. Not much is known other than they have some expensive items that many people would like to own. The item this client wants is a piece of jewelry… An amulet to be exact. Not much is known about that either.” He shook his head. “Almost all the scouts have been caught, so please take measures to ensure you aren’t.”

Zoe nodded again. “Anything else?”

“Just come back with the item,” he says, handing her an envelope with the address. Zoe left the way she came, heading back to her apartment to prepare.

Less than two hours later with her gear, she looked up at a club in front of her. It was lit up by a bright sign, with letters that were made impossible to read from the font. Zoe reread the address and looked at the paper from the envelope. “Yeah… this is the place,” she mumbled, her breath coming out in puffs. She stuck the paper in her bag as she headed silently around. The amulet was apparently in the basement, and that’s where she headed. Aleron found a door in the alley and checked the lock. She breathed a sigh as relief as it was a standard tumbler lock, which she quickly got to work on. The door swung open in less than a minute and she went inside and down a hallway. It was deserted, but thankfully the talking and music in the club allowed her to move faster. Four doors on each side lined the dim hallway. The third door on the left was the one she was aiming for and she quickly checked to see if it was unlocked. It was locked just as she thought but this one had a keypad with a green and red light on top. Zoe cursed mentally. Of course it’s locked with a keypad… she thought. She pulled back out the piece of paper and see if it had anything with a four digit PIN. There was nothing sadly, but she thought then shook her head. She looked at the keypad and saw something was… off. Some of the numbers looked a little worn, but it was hard to tell. She pulled out her flashlight and trained it on the pad. Four numbers were a little faded. She wasted no time and put her flashlight away. She started punching in random combinations. “Three, Seven, Eight, Four?” she whispered. There was a flash of the red light. She let out a rushed sigh, feeling the need to hurry. She put in five more combinations in when finally the green light flashed. She open the door quietly and slipped in, closing it softly behind her. The thief made her way to the bottom quickly and took the room in. It looked like a full sized warehouse that got downsized. Not all the shelves that made perfect rows were filled up, but quite a few were. Zoe groaned internally and got to work sifting through the stuff. Not long after she started a creak rang throughout the room. Steps soon followed, heading straight for her. The thief quickly and quietly ran an hid, making her way to the other side. The steps headed to where she was. She knew she couldn't escape, so she made herself look somewhat presentable, knowing the darkness would make it a little hard to see.

"Who's there?" a male figure asked.

"Jen. Got sent down here to get something," Zoe replied smoothly, hoping to God that there was a Jen who worked here.

The guy brought up a flashlight and turned it on making it harder for 'Jen' to see him. He aimed it right in her face, making her squint. "New guy, huh? God we're getting worse and worse every fuckin' day… Well what did a customer want?"

Zoe thought for a second, trying hard not to break this act. "Something lavish… Like an amulet."

"Hmmm… Well, I don't think we have one but, I'll check."

Zoe nodded. "Thanks, I owe you one." She started to go to the steps when she heard the man behind her. She quickly turned, just in time to see the man bring out a gun and start raising it. Zoe hunched over and rammed her shoulder into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him. He fell back on the floor hard, coughing and trying to regain his breath. Zoe took his gun and searched for ammo. The man made a wild grab for her but she dodged, then ran. She didn't stop running till she was a couple blocks away and gasped for air.

As she was walking in a crowded street a couple days later, a hand tapped her on the shoulder. "Miss… Aleron?"

Zoe spun around quickly with a hand at her belt. "Yeah, who are you?" she replied.

"That is not important," a man said in a clipped tone. He wore all black and pushed up some shades.

Isn't that a huge cliché… she thought, then asked: "Who sent you?"

The man held out a card that Zoe took slowly. "Go to this address. Tell the men at the gate 'Secure, Contain, Protect' and they will let you in. If you don't arrive within the week, I'll return and you won't remember a thing."

"So is this a job offer?" she asked a little confused.

The man nods. "Yes. More details will be provided if you choose to go. I hope you at least consider." He turned away and walked into the crowd, disappearing in the mass of bodies.

Zoe looked at the card and flipped it around. "The Foundation, huh?" she said, heading to her apartment. She entered the little room she called 'home' and looked around. Zoe shook her head and started packing.

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