The Baptism

The River Yitreas, known as the Everfull Spring, is perhaps the most potent source of ethereal flux across the known realms. Its water infused with vast amounts of untapped energy, it is rumored that any normal mortal that attempts to bathe in the water will be ripped asunder by extreme energy surges.
However, sentients have survived immersing themselves in the Yitreas river, emerging even more powerful than they ever were. Persons who have survived the immersion have also baptized others in the waters - paving the way for the Elorean ritual known as the Yitreas Baptism.

"Is the water cold?" Stella is quite nervous about this entire event - after all, stories exist of people attempting to perform the Baptism, but their bodies and souls were rent apart by the excess flux.

"My darling girl," replied her mother, Adrienne, "you will be fine. Your father and uncle have done so much to prepare you for this, and I have faith in both of them that you will make it through this process." She kisses her daughter's forehead to assuage her fears. "Though, I would recommend holding your breath."

Leading her daughter out to the edge of the Everfull Spring, there were other onlookers. There was her father and her uncle, King Julian Fant and Major Adrian Coxwell. Her own retainers and her father's retainers were also with them.

Other noble families were there as well. She could recognized Lady Amelia, cradling her two year old daughter. Grandmaster Ornitz was also there, with his sons and their retainers. Other minor houses also took time to watch her Baptism - the sheer volume of eyes made her even more nervous. "Mother, must I have to, in front of everyone?"

Adrienne smiled. "Please don't worry, my dear - besides, you're not doing this alone today." Her eyes point to the direction of the heir of House Radford, Charles, also getting ready. "Charles is also doing it today, so you're not alone."

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