King Me

Captain Gregory Jill sometimes wonders how his life has gotten so strange.

From children, to massive underground cities, to peaceful sorcerers, to riding on the back of a giant walker powered by a mere child, he wonders, past all the whistling shells and fire blasts, where he must've gone wrong.

"Charles, are you sure this is what you remember from your childhood?" Doctor Falk can't see a thing in this damned fog, her glasses misting up at all the water in the air.

"Something that my father worked on in secret around here," came Charles' curt reply, as he continued to chip away at shale. After some chipping away, he held his hands and locked aspects again, the air shimmering with a faint violet glow as he let his aura wash over the surrounding area. "The signal is still holding strong… stronger… nailed it!" The wash of energy focused itself into a circular rune at Charles' hand, as he shifted aspect and blew away the shale covering with explosive force, revealing a circular hatch.

Adrienne nodded, and flashed two quick fingers to the bushes. A few rustles later, Captain Jill and a hand-picked squad exited from cover, securing the entrance to the underground complex. "Charles, are you sure that whatever's down there is safe?"

"No, but that's why I never take risks." He draws his Sakura blade, energizing its razor-sharp edge with his own fiery aura. "I'm guessing I'm going to lead?" Everyone else nods at him.

Taking a rope and tossing it down, he casts an invocation, allowing a rune of light to form at the bottom. Satisfied, he begins the descent, the others following behind him.

"How many miles of tombs are we going to go through?" First Sergeant Dalton Wilcox mutters, lighting up ancient torches as the team advances thanks to Charles' light runes.

"Around this point, it may be prudent to watch your step," Charles advises, holding his hand out to stop everyone else. "The tunnels may be unstable, and we are nearing the largest concentration of flux."

"Does that mean we're nearing the reactor?" Jill looks below his feet, gently tapping and testing the ground.

"On a 2D representation, yes." All eyes light up. "But, we are actually a good hundreds of feet above the reactor. We are, after all, nearing the tallest support tower."

Adrienne coughs. "You mean, a basement or something, right?"

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