Incident at British US Embassy October 9th-10th 1954

Description: At roughly 11:30 AM of October 8th a man entered the Embassy carrying a suitcase and briefcase dressed in civilian clothing typical of Britain. After the receptionist refused to answer his questions as to where the US intelligence officess were located, the subject told the receptionist he was armed and from the NKGB, the previous intelligence community that spawned the KGB. Security was promptly scrambled and he was taken into custody. He was revealed to be carrying a large amount of weaponry on his person and inside of his suitcase.

Interviewer: CIA Junior Intelligence Officer R. Matthews
Interviewee: John Doe Name Unknown

Interview is taking place at 1700 hours inside a standard interrogation room equipped with a one way glass window, intercom, a wooden table, and metal chairs. Subject is handcuffed from behind.

<Begin Log>

Matthews: "What is your name?"

John Doe: "…Artyom."

Subject now referred to as Artyom

Matthews: "A Red ehh…? Why did you come here? KGB send you to scare us?"

Artyom: "…"

Matthews: "Not talkin' eh? We'll easily enough send you to a prison to rot for the rest of time. Walking into an embassy armed is a felony you know. You'll even get shipped and tried in an American court because of where you are. And I'm sure they'll just love a Red there."

Subject shifts in chair.

Artyom: "…Better than rotting in gulag"

Matthews: "Ahh you're running from the Reds. What'd you do? Steal some potatoes? Take a goat without asking? Or did you desert your army of Communist scum?"

Artyom: "…"

Matthews turns to face the glass, looking away from subject.

Matthews: "Probably just came here to defe-"

As Matthews turns subject stands and bashes Matthews in the back of the head with the chair he was previously handcuffed to. It was found later on that when the subject shifted they were picking the lock of the handcuffs with a hair pin hidden inside their sleeve. Subject then draws Matthews' service pistol and places it against the side of his head. As this is happening security teams are being scrambled.

Artyom: "Listen here Americans. I came here to defect to your side not be interrogated like prisoner by this ublyudok. I have information about KGB and secret division known as GRU-P. Now I'll let this man go if you'll happily give me somebody else to talk to."

<End Log>

Interviewer: CIA Senior Officer Fierro
Interviewee: "Artyom"

Interview is taking place at 0000 hours inside a standard interrogation room equipped with one way glass window, intercom, a wooden table, and metal chairs. Subject is unrestrained at the request of Senior Intelligence Officer Fierro.

<Start Log>

Fierro: "Please state your name."

Artyom: "Will you be… how you call it? Prick to me as well?

Fierro: "No I will not. Matthews is being reprimanded for his behavior as we speak." (Fierro holds out his hand) "I am CIA Senior Officer Fierro. You are?"

Artyom: "…" Subject shakes head "NKGB Specialist Artyom Elkin. Well, Ex-NKGB Specialist Artyom Elkin… The KGB doesn't want me back and I don't want them back."

Fierro: "I see… So you did come here to defect to the United States?"

Subject nods

Artyom: "I was imprisoned inside gulag in Siberia. When I escaped and made it back to Moscow I found my old teacher who told me Kremlin had made me enemy of the state. Said best chance was to defect."

Fierro: "Why were you imprisoned?"

Subject pauses for a few moments and sharply inhales.

Artyom: "Decided to return home to see family. Enlisted in 1939 and finally was able to take leave after not seeing them for ten years. When I arrived, village burned to ground. Red Guard was executing…"

Subject pauses again.

Artyom: "As I would expect of your own country they do not take treason very lightly. Interfering with capitalist cleansing is very much that. Along with murdering fellow soldiers.

Fierro: "…I'm sorry"

Subject clenches fists

Artyom: "…Don't be. Chertov scum deserved to die."

Fierro: "What did you do in your time with the NKGB?"

Artyom: "Worked as wetworker. I was assigned to take down various Nazi officers during the war and after."

Fierro: "You worked as an assassin?"

Artyom: "Call it what you will."

Fierro: "Is that why,"

Fierro sets subject's luggage on the table

Fierro: "You came so heavily armed?"

Artyom: "Teacher kept all of my old gear when I was shipped off. When I found him he gave it all back to me" Reaches into bag and pulls out knife in a sheathe "And this is not heavily armed. Only three pistols and rifle. Left shotgun buried in face of Red Guard." Subject pulls knife out of sheathe.

Fierro: "I'm going to have to ask you to give that to me, otherwise you will be restrained again."

Artyom: "…"

Subject hands knife back

Fierro: "What is this? Russian?"

Artyom: Subject nods

Fierro: "What does it say?"

Artyom: "…Верность партии - Верность Родине. It translates in English to "Loyalty to the Party - Loyalty to the Motherland."

Fierro: "Ah Loyalty to the Party? Why is it scratched off? Did you not support the ideals of your old government?"

Artyom: "Communism was a dream from the beginning. I never liked the idea of equality on their terms. I joined the military in order to fight like my father did. Not to push the agenda of crooked men who killed my family in the name of ideals."

Fierro places knife back in luggage

Fierro: "…You said you also worked for a secret division let's see… (shifts papers) the GRU-P? What did they do there?"

Artyom: "…"

Fierro: "Mr. Elkin I'm afraid I can't let you leave for the United States unless you tell me everything."

Artyom: "I would tell you but…"

Fierro: "But…?"

Subject is physically distressed

Artyom: "…I cannot remember…"

Fierro: "What do you mean you can't remember?"

Artyom: "Division P stood for Psychotronics. They were designated to work with things that aren't supposed to work in world. I was assigned to eliminate anomalies that looked like people. I can't remember exactly…"

Fierro: *Sigh*

Fierro stands and opens the door to the interrogation room.

Fierro: "Get me the weirdos in New York. They'll love this guy."

<End Log>

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