Golem: A love tale.

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The warm summer air floated along on a breeze, ruffling Caroline's dark brown hair, making it flow across her face and bare shoulders, Caroline was oblivious to this as she knelt next to the Golem, carving a rune into the bottom of its foot. "Johnathan. Come on. I'll need you help here." Shaking himself from his reverie, he knelt next to her, lifting up the heel as she finished the rune. "It's too nice a day for this, come, lets relax for just a little while, besides, we can save it's awakening for tonight." Caroline looked up incredulously at Johnathan. "Really? Sure. Fine." She stood up, a smile playing at her lips. Johnathan sighed, then stretched out his body, laughing into the wind.
He turned to face the smaller woman, "Lets go for a stroll, the sun is going to set soon, and I've found a wonderful view earlier." He takes her arm in his, and they walk together, talking about nothing and everything.
Johnathan puts his other hand in his light jacket as they walked, feeling the tarnished box he had picked out the month before, hands giddy with excitement as he had leaned over the counter, the small band of gold that he had picked out, the most expensive ring he could afford, the cheapest the store had to offer.

The meadow is like a miniature Eden, nothing but the crickets, the wind, and the seemingly endless mountain flowers that magically appear in the spring, like they had been there the entire time, but nobody noticed till the flowers grew color and the sky became blue.
They sit upon a fallen log, leaning into one another as they watch the sunset. After a while of sitting in silence, listening to the crickets and the trees, the sun sinks into the west. Caroline turns to face him, "Thank you for this. I mean, coming up here." her eyes are bright with excitement. "Of course, anything." The sit a while longer, enjoying the breeze. Johnathan's heart thumps in his chest, he turns to look at her. She's staring off at the horizon, silent, "I-Caroline-I… I love you." She turns, a puzzled smile dancing across her face, "I.. Yes John?" He can't stand it when people call him John, but when Caroline says it, he can't help but smile. He takes a deep breathe and continues, "Caroline, I love you. And I can't help but smile when I see you, and this sounds like a cliche, but I just want to spend the rest of my life with you." By this time, he's stood off the log, and has keeled in front of her, He inhales, takes the small box out of his jacket, and flicks open the lid, "Caroline Leah Strauss, will you marry me?"

She says yes.

"What will we do with him?" They sit next to one another on the couch, looking at the large Golem they have laid out upon the floor next to them. Caroline yawns, stretching into Johnathan's arms, "I had thought that we could take him to Israel. No doubt the Tzahal would like to have one of these guys with them. Imagine.. No doubt Egypt would think twice about trying to get at us again.. We would be heroes," She looks at him, eyes alight with possibility, "I mean. Hell. Everyone would pay good money for what we have right now. What with the tensions with Russia, I doubt that America would turn this up."
Johnathan looks at the golem, at seven feet and 400 pounds, it had taken Johnathan, and later Caroline, almost the entire year to make. Much of that time had been spent making sure that it would work. Tomorrow, it would be worth it, they would carve the final word into its forehead, bringing the creature to life.
He frowns, "..I.. I had thought that we could keep it ourselves, I don't know, refine it some more, hell, it may not even work.."
Caroline turns to face him, shifting in her position, "John, you can't be serious, what we do with it? And it not working, you know as well as I that you know the most about this than anyone else alive today, of course it's going to work!"
Johnathan just nods his head once more, and they lapse into silence, thinking.

"Okay, you ready?"
"I.. I hope so."
"Alright, we're only gonna have one chance at this, otherwise we have to wait till tomorrow."
"I know!"
"Okay, just making sure."
"Light the candles."
"…Adonai etah gidolam, shema schuvish alladim, kitar gidorbanu et tora tov.."
"I.. Did it work?"
"Uhm… I think so!"
"Try something!"
"Okay, uhh, Siduf tofear giddolam!"
"Oh my god! It stood up!"
"Sssh! Goodness, woman, I know! Let me think!"
"Gibor gibor hassadim."
"Uhh, uh-oh."
"What did you tell it again?"
"Uhm, something I thought was simple.."
"Whats that, Johnathan?"
"I told it to collect wood for the fire tonight."
"Well, it's running down the hill right now."
"So I've noticed."
"We should, ah.. Do something."
"After it!"

Johnathan follows the trail of destruction the Golem left in it's wake, tree's smashed through and bush's trampled deep into the ground, Johnathan could only relate it to the Elephant he once saw in the Zoo.
He's running downhill, struggling to think of something that could make it stop, or at least run slower, he can still see it, a large, hulking mass that has pieces of wood imbedded in it's pebbled clay hide. "Gidat Tzurah Micholiaot!" No dice, it keeps plowing through the brambles one huge foot after another.
Johnathan is distinctly aware of the fact that the golem has gone for almost a mile downhill, and shows no sign of stopping.
Finally, they come down to a fairly expansive meadow with a large, peaceful oak tree growing in the middle, it looked like it had been there since the Mayflower.
The Golem slows to a stop, and begins to punch at the tree with it's large hands. BUUMPH. Johnathan slows to a halt, wheezing as he stands at the meadows edge, catching his breathe as he watches his creation punch down a tree. BUUMPH.
A rustling noise, barely perceptible over the sound of the golem. BUUMPH.
Johnathan coughs, and looks around. He notices a man crouched down in the bushes, studying the creation, it looks like he hadn't noticed Johnathan.
BUU- A barking shot emanates from the bush, thudding into the side of the Golem, slightly swaying the body, throwing off it's punch.
The golem readjusts itself, then, prepares to punch at the tree once more.
Several gunshots this time, from multiple directions. All it does is shuffle the Golem a bit.
Slow dread is filling into Johnathan as he watches the scene, unmobile.
The sound of hushed voices comes from one of the bushes. The men poke their heads out from the bush, studying the Golem who contentedly punches the tree. They duck down again.
One man stands up, holding a squat, green egg.
The man pulls something glinting away from the egg, and hurls it at the feet of the Golem.
Johnathan, realizing what it is, turns and starts to run, panting up the hill.
A moment of silence, barely a second as the sound reaches Johnathan at the same time the Golem is blown away, flung backwards.
The sounds of more explosions, the men aparently had more grenades, and are doing quick work in destroying the Golem, leaving nothing left but a torso.
Johnathan runs up the hill, tears streaming down his face as he considers what he must do next.

"Honey! Where's the Golem?"
A moment pause of the scene sinking in.
"Why are you bleeding? What's going on?"
"Caroline, I love you, but if you trust me, we have to leave right now."
"I… Dear God, alright, where are the keys?"
"Inside the house, hurry!"
Frantic movement, the starting of an engine.
The scrapping of heel against stone, the click of a gun, a deeper voice,
"That won't be necessary, please step out of the car. You. Search the cabin."

Johnathan sits in a small room with a mirror lining one side; a table is in front of him, holding nothing on it but a desk lamp flicked on facing him. It's the only source of light in the room and is currently aimed at his face.
Two gaunt men stand in front of him, silhouettes with threatening voices.
"Mr. Wilcox, do you know where you are?"
"Why did you run from us?"
Johnathan breathes deeply, "Listen, I won't say a thing until I see a lawyer and a warrant. What you are doing is illegal, and I am under no obli-"
A fist slams down on the table, starling Johnathan and making him flinch.
"Listen up, Yid. We caught you trespassing with an anomalous creature, and right now, you're chances of getting out of here are looking pretty damn slim. If I were you, I would start talking, fast."
Johnathan's head slumps in recognition. "Alright.."


"What do you mean, I won't remember you!?"
A slump of the shoulders,
"I.. Caroline, I've chosen to stay."
"What! Why!?"
"I've spent to much time with this, Caroline, I can't just let it go. They want me here, I can work on the golem. You can stay as well.. We could be a team."
She shakes her head,
"I.. No, Johnathan. I'm sorry. I can't be kept here against my will like this. Forget about the golem, come with me, let's be happy."
An averted gaze,
"This wasn't meant to happen."
"Oh, John, I know.."
"They're going to give you something that will make you forget all about me, me and the golem."
"…I love you. Till now and forever."
"I'll love you to, till now and forever."

A final kiss.
A parting of hands.
A forgotten romance.
A widower with his love still living.
A new life.

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