Sol'air, the Stonebound Cardinal

Name: Sol'Air
Purpose: Contained Construct
Nature: Loyal, friendly, old
Description/History: Sol'Air stands at 7', and weighs over 500lbs. He appears to be an animate set of stone knight's full plate armor, with a cylindrical, horned helmet. His armor is covered in moss and other small plants. Inside his armor, a small flame slowly dies, the light from it being visible through to eyehole and slits in his faceplate.

Other: Upon entering combat, Sol'Air's vigor is renewed as he find purpose in defending his friends, his life flame blazes bright, and his armor becomes heavy, black iron.

Sol'Air was not his original name, but the name he took on after arriving at the Foundation, and finding his supposed 'true purpose'.

Physical Health: 15
Mental Health: 7

Physical Defense: 6
Mental Defense: 5
Perception: 3
Agility: 4
Strength: 5

Persuasion: 4
Intimidation: 4

Melee: 6
Ranged: 3


  • Iron Monger: Upon entering battle under the Sun's blessed light, Sol'Air's stone armor turns iron, granting him great durability. (Entering combat in the sunlight grants Sol'Air +2 PDEF.)

Engagement Style: Sol'Air carries a shortsword of black iron, with a flower-engraved blade with which he uses to wage war on his enemies and the enemies of his allies. He is a brutal melee opponent, smashing enemies and obstacles apart with little care for either.

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