So You Want To Guest Gm

SO! Let's say you are an avid player of this fun and attractive game, and a part of the backbone and pillar of this fair community. And let's say that you, having been on a few runs, would like to do one of your own. Many of you may be thinking "how am I to do this?" "It's probably really hard" "I'm hungry."


Making a guest GM run is not as hard as you might believe. Basically, we just ask that you write up a bit about the plot, estimated time, and any other hazards players will face!

NAME OF RUN The name of your run, obviously.

CONTENT This is the part where you tell us what SCPs you'll be using, and the general plot outline. What the players will be doing, where they'll be, etc. This should be as helpful to you as it is to the GMs; using it to keep yourself on track is a good idea.
Especially difficult enemies, such as bosses or the like, should be statted. Regular enemies are up to your discretion, but be reasonable.

"Neat" you might say "but how do submit". Well, I'm glad you asked! It's as simple as going to a GM, and showing them a Pastebin or even a SCP Sandbox page with your proposal.

So, I did my run! Now what happens!

First, send a .tell to the GM active during your run, with the name of your run, the date, and the logs. Within a couple of days, a member of the GM team will sit you down and tell you what you did well and what you didn't do well. Eventually, if you get a solid set of runs under yer belt, we might consider letting you do more ambitious runs. If it didn't go well, don't worry! You will never be barred from trying again, although the GM team may wait until they're confident in your improvement before authorizing again.

Also, please handle logging before you start your run. Either you can log, or you can assign it to somebody else, or (ideally) both for backup. Most standalone IRC clients have their own logging software, but you can also copy and paste into a word document. If you're unsure how to format or link it, please ask a GM.

I'd like to do a run, but I don't know how!

The best place to start out would be an event in Soft RP. The approval process for these is a lot less stringent, as well as being shorter and lower-intensity. These will develop the same skills you'll use to GM a run, while causing much less stress. If you're not confident, this is where to start. They will not grant XP, although you still need to ask for approval.

If you have further questions or suggestions, please bring them up in the chat.

Time Zones!

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