Ski Slope

On top of one of the mountains upon and into which the site is built there is an old, disused ski slope. There is a trail leading up to the head of it, and the trail itself is relatively easy to follow if you have some patience. At the top, where the slope begins, there is a large cabin tucked into a grove of trees. While the cabin was obviously once quite stately, it has now fallen into disrepair – the large ornamental wall-coverings are in tatters, and the floorboards are rotted out. The ski slope itself is clear enough to be safe, though some of the riskier routes can be a real hazard – though this isn’t anything much different from when the slopes did see regular use.

To get to the ski slopes from the site, one merely leaves the front gate and follows the trail up the side of the mountain. After a bit of walking they will reach a fork, with one trail leading up to the top of the slopes and the other to the clearing where they let out.

There are five obvious ski trails that lead down the side of the mountain, all of which let out at approximately the same place. Skiing these trails can be somewhat hazardous, ranging from ‘slightly’ to ‘extremely’.

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