Site Exterior

The site exterior is a very broad and general area, due to the great extent of the site itself within and on the mountain. The area is at a relatively high elevation, and tends to be somewhat cold higher up. It’s largely forested, though there are clearing here and there. The farther one goes from the site itself, the less forested the land is, eventually leading into broad, rolling hills. The western end of the mountain in which the site is located back up to the sea, with a number of very large, steep cliffs. The entrance to the site consists of a large road leading to an even larger gate, behind which can be seen the outer buildings of the site. The gate is extremely heavily guarded, with heavy concentrations of gun emplacements and advanced security features.

Within the gate are the site’s various entrances. There is a large loading bay for the delivery of good, materials, and anomalies. There is also a motor pool, which is serviced by the site’s garage. It contains a number of vehicles available for checkout – primarily military jeeps, though more civilian transport is available. There are also a number of outbuilding, set in a somewhat ordered fashion within the walled area. These are mostly labs, offices, and other facilities which need to be outside for safety reasons or convenience. The majority of the site is located within the mountain itself, which is accessible through a number of smaller entrances.

The land around the site is heavily fortified, with lots of emplacements for guns and other defenses. While the systems are mostly in place, many of them are somewhat outdated and in need of improvements. They generally face outward, and are located all over the area surrounding the site, forming a sort of defensive mesh.

A few hundred meters from the main gate to the site is a rail entrance, similarly protected by guards and sentries. This leads into the railyard, which contains a number of trans and other rail-going vehicles under constant maintenance. There are several distinct rail lines, a few of which extend from the depot itself and a few of which break off just outside the site.

There is also an external range, located a mile or so from the site, accessible via a dirt road. It serves as a proving ground in which to test larger weapons, and is guarded by a regular patrol. It’s a relatively simple set up, with a few covered boxes and some targets set up at various locations. There are a number of guns and other equipment available for rental from the small outbuilding used to oversee the range.

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