Site-77 is the primary base of operations within the Origins RP, and the home of MTF Psi-7. It's a very large facility, built partially on top of an largely inside of a large mountain in a range on the coast of southern Italy. It is extremely well defended, and its geographical position makes it a stronghold for the Foundation and its interests in Europe.

Site-77 was designed by the Germans as a base during the war, but it was overrun before it could be put to proper use and was more or less abandoned by the end of the war in southern Italy. It was purchased by the Foundation, who then used money siphoned from the Marshall Plan by an enterprising bureaucrat named Shirley Gillespie, who got them the money in exchange for a safe haven from any US agents and a Director position.

Thus, the Foundation was able to afford and refit their new facility. Site-77 is the highest-volume containment site currently held by the Foundation, and it enables them to further their reach across the Atlantic ocean.

Locations within and around Site-77 include:

  • Dormitories - Like at all Foundation sites, Site-77 rooms are simple fare. Each person on the site has their own room, containing a bed, a desk, a bedside table, cabinets, and a poster reading "Mankind Must Not Go Back To Living In Fear". Each door has a simple locking mechanism. Every door is labelled with the persons name.
  • Offices - The site contains a large number of offices, spread out generally throughout the site. The largest cluster of these is in the north wing, near to the main entrance hall of the site. The offices tend to be relatively plain, though some personnel do put their own personal spin on things. The equipment office is among these, consisting of a large, warehouse-like rooms at the bottom of a very long set of stairs.
  • Common Rooms - There are many common rooms split amongst the Site's departments. As an active field MTF, Psi-7 has one of the nicest, equipped with several sofas and armchairs arranged around the cutting-edge colour television. In one corner sits a piano, and in the other the jukebox. Agents are encouraged to spend as much time in the commons as they wish, although sleeping is discouraged.
  • Grand Mess Hall - The only mess hall on Site, the grand mess hall provides for all staff. Seating a few hundred at maximum capacity on steel furniture that really digs into your ass, the food it provides is free, inoffensive, and filling. The chefs must have been imported from America too.
  • Medical - Psi-7's favorite room by time spent, medical is exactly as you'd expect. Surgical and recuperative facilities, nurses and doctors who are considerably more interested in your health than your happiness, and a pathological level of cleanliness maintained at all times. If the doctor knows you by name and you've never actually had a conversation, then that's a bad sign and you should probably stop trying to block bullets with your face.
  • Security - Site-77 and the surrounding grounds are patrolled by a group of men and women who have perfected the look of "for your comfort and convenience, I am not killing you right now." They are the security team. The site is dotted with checkpoints and little mini-outposts, both inside and outside the bunker. Foundation security is no joke, and the administration has learned from the mistakes made by the 19 security team that famously led to the "week of three invasions."
  • Gym - Anywhere you have a bunch of physical types, you will find a place for them to lift things. The gym is large and well outfitted, with various weights, bags and machines for the cultivation of a healthy state of being. The most notable feature is the full-size boxing ring, where agents can punch and kick each other to their hearts' content. People tend to stick humorous notes on the punching bags representing things they'd very much like to hit, although "Gillepsie" has yet to be seen.
  • Range - The gun range is exactly what you would expect. Although only inert projectiles are permitted to be used, there is a wide selection of such weapons available for use, along with the appropriate safety equipment. There are facilities allowing weapons to be shot by those who would not be permitted to take a weapon with them around the site.
  • Armory - The armory for the Site is also about what you'd expect. Most of the armament that the Foundation utilizes is American military surplus from WW2 along with a decent amount of NATO weaponry. The armory also houses assorted arms the Foundation comes into possession of through Agents or other means. Most surplus small arms are available for Agents to use, however, anomalous weaponry and highly destructive weapons are not without special dispensation.
  • Observatory - A telescope placed in a small observation chamber at the top of Site-77. Used for observation of potential astronomical-based anomalies.
  • Laboratories - The site’s laboratories are centralized, primarily in the southern wing of the underground portion of the site. Attached to them is a computer lab and metal shop.
  • Computer Lab - A bunch of reel-to-reel, lining the walls, UNIVAC-type computers. The Enigmagraphs can be found here, as well as a number of powerful computers and powerful computer accessories. It's pretty clear the Foundation has sunk a sizable chunk of their budget into this place, as it's on the bleeding edge and is absolutely state-of-the-art.
  • Metal Shop - Where the vehicle pool gets their automobiles repaired, as well as any other mechanical issue the site might be having. If there's a person who does maintenance work, or builds things with their hands, they'd be working in here. Has the tools you'd expect from a place that builds cars/computers/walls/anything else the Foundation might need. Also houses the garage for the motor pool.
  • Church - The site has a large, nondenominational church built into the side of the mountain, with an entrance from both the underground portion of the site and from outside. It is a relatively simple affair, with no real extravagance to it. There are, on staff, Jewish, Protestant and Catholic chaplains. The rabbi gets the chapel on the Saturdays while Sunday evening is split between the minister and the priest. The rest of the time, they alternate their sermons and sacraments. The church is deceptively holy- although it is a modern construction, it has been sanctified by several high ranking priests, particularly from the nearby Vatican. Time will tell if this will have any noticeable effect.
  • Arena - The arena is a combat training area where agents can fight each other or enemies provided by the arena to test their skills and for training purposes. The properties of the arena can be altered to change the course of the battle.
  • Containment - The meat of the Site, containment is divided into three sections. Whilst actual SCP objects of course have their own three-tier classification system (rumors of additional tiers are of course entirely fictitious), the actual containment sector is divided into a completely different system-
    • Green objects and individuals are considered safe enough that they can be kept in a mere locker, dormitory or holding pen with minimal or zero supervision. Access to these objects is easily gained and freely given, although inappropriate usage will always lead to severe punishment.
    • Yellow objects are more suspect, and require frequent or constant supervision, often in a specially designed holding pen. The subsector is broken up by periodic doors that can be closed and locked remotely, although their ability to keep out anything but a normal human is debatable. Most (but not all) living objects are yellow at least.
    • Red objects are bad news. Most are keter, and the rest are the kind of euclid that someone who didn't understand the system would probably want reclassified. The subsector is patrolled by armed guards, the cells are bare and thick-walled, and blast doors thicker than a man is tall are ready to slam shut at a moment's notice. Escape is very, very difficult.
  • Director's Complex - The Director's complex is large. You are not allowed in it. These are the only facts you need to know.
  • Classified Zones - As far as you're concerned, these do not exist.
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