Site 15
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Site 15 Loading Bay, circa 1982. One of the first reconstructed zones.

Site-15 is the operating base for the player characters of Horizons. The facility is mostly underground, largely connected by tunnels and rail lines due to its' sheer size.

The facility, originally a Prometheus Labs branch, was taken in 1959 and refitted for Foundation use. Now one of the largest containment and research facilities the Foundation has to offer, Site-15 offers a variety of benefits in terms of location, rapid response times, and the added factor of stealth.

The topside of Site-15 is a section of the north-west Black Rock Desert located in Nevada, United States. The facilities on the surface are an armed U.S. military front, complete with administrative offices and aircraft hangars, all reachable by a connected tramway system. The tram system also extends to the underground portions of Site-15, and is generally used to get from one wing to another- there are also plenty of walkways and halls that connect said wings.

The facility was once under then-Prometheus Labs, Inc. control, but was scuttled and left abandoned in 1959. Following said scuttle, the Foundation bought the land from the United States government and repurposed the facility into what is now Site-15.

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