Sigma-14 is a recently formed taskforce meant to purely deal with extraterrestrial threats and events. Agents on it are chosen for such work due to prior experiences with extraterrestrial beings or technology. Frequently they find themselves testing experimental Foundation technology on their operations. Engineers recovered from an incident where Psi-7 found themselves on the Moon in the year 2098 have been partially integrated into the force due to their invaluable knowlege on the situation.

Jonah Leigh

Jonah Leigh, former member of the now disbanded Nu-3, was chosen for leading Sigma-14 based on his prior experience. A survivor of alien experiments done in an abandoned prison in Italy, he was considered best suited for dealing with the growing extraterrestrial threat, both in experience and drive to do so. He personally specializes in infiltration and escape, but that has since been expanded to include hand to hand combat by neccessity. Jonah is slightly short and otherwise unremarkable in appearance, save for his replacement eyes which were necessary after the aformentioned experiments. They were built off of recovered past designs, with some enhancements to allow Jonah to see much farther, in very dark conditions, and underwater clearly.

Hester Daniels

Hester Daniels is the other Nu-3 survivor on the team, but he has a very different role than his commander. He lost his limbs due to experimentation done on him, and was given replacements with far more power than his prior limbs, to help him further into his role of demolitions and heavy combat. The limbs were based off of pre-existing designs as well, and two sets were made, one for general use and one for mission use. The limbs built for mission use are three times as strong as the average human being, and do not tire with activity. They're also armor plated, the plating equal to that of an armored car.

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