Run Schedule

This page is for use as a way of organization and presentation of planned runs (and events) for the RP. You may add a run once it is approved, and remove it once it has been completed. If plans change, make sure to update the list. Add to the TBD section if it's approved but there's no actual date/time yet.

If you have slots reserved for particular player characters, please indicate so and then list how many slots for volunteers are available.

GMs Name Date/Time Players Difficulty Action Type Storyline(s)
ArseneLupin Nothing Left To Chance April 12th 6 PM EST 2-4 Easy Investigation, Social Strive For Perfection
DSJ Advanced Train-ing April 15th-20th 2-4 Hard, potential death Combat, Defense, Anti-robbery Post Mortem
Veiedhimaedhr Amilcare Cherisi April 26 4 Hard Combat, Randomizer, Miniboss, Handicap, Medical, The End(?) Consumed Aberration
Soulless Brotherly April 26 7est 2-4 medium investigation rescue Night at the Library
GM Names Run/Event Names # or #-# Low/Med/High Combat, Stealth, Puzzle, Investigation, Etc. Any involved plots
DiePotato Take Me Home 4 Medium1 Exploration but Flexible Parables of Kasei
DiePotato Hang 'Em All 4-5 High2 Combat, Assault None
madness_ OPERATION NOBLE MORNING 2-6 Polite until Rude Applied Intelligence(HEAVY), Intelligence Gathering(HEAVY), Planning (MEDIUM), Networking(MEDIUM), Infiltration(MEDIUM), Combat(LIGHT OR NONE) Wet Cement
Varren Going in Blind 4-6 Variable (Easy to Medium probably) Possible Combat, Stealth, Rescue/Recovery, Investigation A New Kind of War
Taffeta Acid King 3-4 Medium Investigation, Grievous Bodily Harm
ArseneLupin With A Bow And Crown It Rode 4-5 Medium-Hard Containment, Combat, Quarantine Strive For Perfection
Veiedhimaedhr SCP-3832 2-3 Ez Crime Scene Investigation, murder mystery/missing persons, Science, Speech The Absquatulation Ploy
Kaeru Under Our Noses 3-4 Medium-Nightmare The First Solid Lead - Investigation, Stealth/Combat, potential Social Orpheus Looks Back
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