Run Schedule

This page is for use as a way of organization and presentation of planned runs (and events) for the RP. You may add a run once it is approved, and remove it once it has been completed. If plans change, make sure to update the list. Add to the TBD section if it's approved but there's no actual date/time yet.

If you have slots reserved for particular player characters, please indicate so and then list how many slots for volunteers are available.

GMs Name Date/Time Players Difficulty Action Type Storyline(s)
Soulless Where Nobody Comes From Jan 20 ~5pm est 4-5 Medium Investigation, Atmosphere, MDEF The Sight From Atop An Impossibly High Mountain
Taffeta Dead Heat Jan 22, 5PM EST 4 Medium Investigation First Love/Late Spring
Soulless The Sight From Atop An Impossibly High Mountain Jan 27 ~5pm est 4-5 Hard+ Combat, Atmosphere, Exploration The Sight From Atop An Impossibly High Mountain FINALE RUN
DSJ Aaargh January 11-12th 4-5 Eergh Eaaeghghh Raaagh
GM Names Run/Event Names # or #-# Low/Med/High Combat, Stealth, Puzzle, Investigation, Etc. Any involved plots
Dexanote A Series Of Knocks 3-5 Hard Survival, Exploration Oneoff
Taffeta Something Borrowed, Something New 3-4 Hardcover Inaction Read Menace
DiePotato Threat Assessment: Zero 4-5 Threat Zero Combat None
DiePotato Of Truth, Secrets, and Hope 4 Easy Just Be Up For A Good Time The Estranged Relationship of Yin and Yang
DiePotato A Lesson In Heaven and Hell 4 Easy-Moderate Retrieval (Stealth(?), Combat(?), Investigation(?), MDEF(?)) Angels and Demons
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