Rolf Vogel - Revamp

Basic Info:

Player: Soulless

Position: Cheery Broken, Loyalized Foundation Intelligence Agent

Demeanor: Rolf is your friend. He will accept you for who you are. He doesn't seem that different, sometimes. But most of the time, there's a tension to him. Like a beaten animal learning how to be free again.

Nature: Rolf is your friend. He will accept you for who you are. He doesn't know, anymore. He knows… he was bad. He was Evil. He betrayed the Foundation. That he deserves everything that's happened to him and he should be grateful he only suffers as much as he does. But he cannot deny he does suffer.

Description: Rolf is strikingly attractive and looks like he would easily pass for a model. He's over six feet tall and got plenty of muscle on him. He has short dark hair and pale eyes. However, he does things that mitigate that attraction. He doesn't sleep enough, and there are bags under his eyes. Often times he will have mysterious bruises he inflicts upon himself. He carries himself as something much smaller and more fragile than he actually is, with slumped shoulders and a hung head. Image


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 2
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 2
  • Strength: 3
  • Persuasion: 5
  • Intimidation: 4
  • Bluff: 6
  • Ranged: 5
  • Sin-Eater (Anomalous): 3. Rolf is capable of detecting and consuming "sins" from a person. "Sin" in this context means any malicious or "bad" thoughts or urges, as well as actually performed "bad" thoughts or urges. Rolf can also detect things that a person may feel guilty about, or traumas the person is upset about. In short, Rolf detects and implicitly understands negativity in people. What negativity he detects, he can consume and alleviate from someone else. Often this means alleviating someone's guilt or trauma, such as recovering lost mhealth points. When healing for lost mhealth, recovery is determined by the following: (Sin Eater Roll - Lost Mhealth)/2
  • Detecting Sins Mechanic: Rolf rolls 4df+3 on detecting malicious thoughts, traumas, guilts and various negative experiences in a single person he is around. For every hour Rolf has in their company to concentrate on them, he gets a +1 bonus on detecting sins on them. If Rolf is distracted or surprised, this concentration breaks.
  • Eating Sins Mechanic: Rolf rolls 4df+3 on eating any malicious thoughts, traumas, guilts and various negative experiences. If both parties acknowledge this and consent, Rolf can add his persuasion stat to his roll (e.g. if Rolf's persuasion is 4, he rolls 4df+7).
  • Sin-Eater Weaknesses(Skeletons In Closets): When rolling, Rolf must roll MDEF vs his own roll. If he fails the MDEF roll, he takes MHEALTH damage as if from a normal mental attack. In Flavor-soft roleplay, Rolf is unable to develop empathy towards positive emotions.
  • Foundation-Trained(Academics): 4. Rolf has been newly trained to the Foundation's cause, and has been extensively educated. He has a borderline encyclopaedic knowledge of whatever the Foundation knows about various Groups of Interest and Persons of Interest. If there is even a barest hint of knowledge the Foundation has on something, Rolf probably knows it. [APPLIES: When attempting to discern the presence of a GoI, PoI, or their motivations/actions and organizational capabilities. Limited to what the Foundation knows of the GoI/PoI.]
  • I Am Your Friend - I Have Always Been Your Friend(Bluff): 2. Rolf is very good at getting you on his side. Very, very good. [APPLIES: When attempting to come off as an ally, or to convince someone that he is an ally and thus become more at ease with him. Only when alone with the person he's bluffing to.]
  • I am Your Friend - Friends Share Secrets (Persuasion): 3. Rolf likes his interrogations to be with honey rather than vinegar. [APPLIES: When attempting to convince someone to tell him information that they would ordinarily keep mum. Ranges from strictly confidential to slightly embarrassing. Only when alone with the person he's persuading.]
  • It Used To Be So Easy (MDEF): 3. Rolf has had his defenses stripped to the bone and most of his skills in defending himself against himself have been reduced to nothing. But sometimes, sometimes, he remembers how. When it was clear. [APPLIES: Once a scene, Rolf can use this skill to boost his MDEF. For purposes of defending against his own anomaly, Rolf cannot roll higher than 4df+5. This specialty skill ceases applying if Rolf's MDEF stat reaches 4 or above.]
  • To Death's Door: 3. Rolf enters within melee range (5 feet) to bring a person close to death. This is an MDEF based attack to Rolf and the enemy. The DC of the MDEF roll depends on how injured the person is. DC is increased by 1 point if Rolf physically touches the person. The effect of a failure depends on how severely the person is affected, calculated by Roll - DC. Rolf is affected as if against his own anomaly.

To resist: (+1 if physical contact is made)
DC 3 if full mhealth, phealth.
DC 4 if below full mhealth or phealth.
DC 5 if half mhealh or phealth.
DC 6 if below half mhealth or phealth.
DC 7 if one quarter mhealth or phealth or below.
DC 8 if within 1 mhealth or phealth to death.

If Resistance roll is above DC: No Effect, no awarness of anything occurring.
Resistance Roll fails by 1 point: stunned for 1 turn possible psychological effects such as targeting Rolf or desiring to stop the fight, depending on GM decision.
Resistance roll fails by 2 points: 1 mhealth damage plus 2 turn stun
Failure 3 points three or more: unconsciousness for a minimum of 3 turns.


  • A butterfly knife
  • A handgun, easily concealed
  • Rope, handcuffs
  • Several bandanas
  • A flashlight, radio
  • Dazzling Fireworks - A bundle of firecrackers with an easy-light wick, designed to be thrown at an enemy - Effects enemies in 5ft radius. DC5 mdef to resist 1 round distraction stun. 2/event
  • Veldt Fox Skull currently glows whenever there has been a death in Rolf's vicinity within the past 72 hours. Capable of bringing someone to Death's Door, see specialty skill.


  • Books and books and books
  • A pile of diaries
  • Stationery to write home
  • A card and a poem from Daed's midnight train run. Card:
  • Pet Rock

Personal History:

Rolf Vogel was a kind, gentle child. According to some. But let's not talk about his childhood, except to say that he grew up in a small village in Germany, where he left to join the police force to investigate criminals. He became very, very good at handling young children and sniffling out confessions.

When nazis showed up and starting asking him to shake people down, Rolf left the police immediately. Rolf wasn't here for that. He hunted down old acquaintances in the police force who had turned to the GOC for similar purposes. He signed up and got himself a job doing what he's always done; figuring out people, getting them on his side. This time against anomalies.

Through one anomaly, he heard of the SCP Foundation, a relatively new group with plenty of opportunity. His current workplace had started to know too much about him for his liking anyways; he suspected a few suspected his anomalous powers. So he left to the SCP Foundation, a dangerous job for many reasons, much less his "unique talents". But he loved that the most.

Rolf Vogel died in the Foundation's arms after being revealed to be a traitor, and became resurrected by the Foundation's will. He was broken down and remade into a good, loyal Foundation operative. He doesn't remember much of his past, due to amnestics. His indoctrination was incomplete, however, and so he's relearning to put himself back together with what scraps remain of his past self.

He remembers the following:

  • Gabriel, Jill, Charles, and Adriel exist
  • He met a person named Chris in his dreams, who told him he was evil, and he agreed to do what Chris proposed. He did this because Chris's words validated to him all the things he was afraid of about himself, all the self-hatred he held, and crushed his small hopes that maybe he was wrong.
  • Dana once told him he was a sin-eater, and that sin-eaters are healers.
  • Evan once gave him a cat, to teach him to care for something. The cat's name is Herr Fluffenstuff.
  • He was born in an old village by an ancient grove in Germany. His family line consisted of mystical women, who were deeply connected to the grove.


  • English
  • German


XP: 48

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Saved by the bell 3 July 18, 2016
Dead City's Radio 4 August 3, 2016
Holiday bonus 1 Winter 2016/2017
Sppokanist run 4 January 4, 2017
Daed's child Run 4 January 9, 2017
A Web of Stories 2 January 16, 2017
Bluff purchase to 6 -10 March 5, 2017
Equip Purchase - Dazzling Fireworks -7 April 7, 2017
DSJ's Tall Man run 4 April 16, 2017
Orion's Salamander Run 3 April 20, 2017
Knyght's Coral Run 2 May 3, 2017
Roget's LONGEEL run 4 May 21,2017
DSJ's Lunacy Run 6 May 22, 2017
MarshallR's Roses Run 4 May 25, 2017
Knyght's Tunnel Trouble run 2 May 25, 2017
MDEF 1-> 2, Ranged 4 -> 5 -19 June 19. 2017
Sax's training run 2 June 19, 2017
Midnight Mystery Train 4 June 28, 2017
Ihp's black Mold Run 2 July 20, 2017
Knyght's child run 4 July 27, 2017
Daed/Fae/DSJ run 4 July 28, 2017
Charles run 6 July 30, 2017
Persuasion 4 -> 5 -12 July 30, 2017
DSJ Midieval Run 4 August 1, 2017
LadyKatie's dancing run 2 August 3, 2017
DSJ's Dsjungeons & Dsjragons 3 Aug 15, 2017
Mirror, Mirrors, In The Hall 3 Aug 15, 2017
Ihp's Salesman run 3 Aug 17, 2017
Aiden's run 4 Aug 20, 2017
Nothing Moves Here 2 Sept, 1, 2017
DSJ's run 6 October 8, 2017
BIRTHDAY XP 6 October 10, 2017
DSJ's run 2 Nov 11, 2017
Knyght's run 4 Dec 9 2017
Fox Skull Custom Equip -15 12/17/17
Time Fates for no man 4 12/21/2017
Christmas XP! 4 12/25/2017
Operation Light Switch 2 Jan 8th 2018
Daed's hollywood run 2 Jan 16 2018
'Dead Heat' 4 Jan 22 2018
Sax new Elora run 3 Feb 17, 2018
Aphex's run 3 March 9 2018
Veldt Skull Updates -24 March 16, 2018
Taylor's run 3 March 21 2018
A little change 2 April 15 2018
DSJ's finale 3 April 21, 2018

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