Riemann GMs

A compendium of my, Riemann, successful little GMs.

Anomallama LSD

Credit for GMing goes to ProcyonLotor, but I'm still putting this up here because 1. I put the events in motion, and 2. I helped

Stop! Hammertime

An anomalous hammer, what could be more smashing?

Identity Crisis

Half credit to padri; her and myself switched nicks. Alot.

The Dichotomy Of Good And Evil

I actually didn't do anything important here, but I did correct Flameshirt on Physics. Alot.

Barry The Blob

Hill creates Barry, a friendly, emotion sensing anoma-blob. But when Luvi gets a hold of it, things begin to spiral downhill, quickly

Goodbye Barry

Remember the fun anoma-blob, Barry? Yeah, well, less than a day later, people decided he needs to die. So they kill him. Poor Barry.

Walden's Fate

Procy and I tried to remind Tesla that Walden was a terrible book, in our terrible way.

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