Rainbow of Evil Hub

All Your Fault, 01/24/2014

Psi-7 is called out once again to the town of Saltville, New York, this time to deal with a crisis involving a church, a casino, a farmhouse, mysterious fog, and beings that are allergic to silver. Kendall, Pauline, Sam and Sean decide to take on the problem head-on, while Daniel, Hill, Jacob and Zoe learn that having fun (and saving the day) isn't hard when you got a library card!
XP Granted: 2.5 XP to all who participated!

"What Is It With New England and Fish Cults?", 02/13/2014

Psi-7 travels to the fishing village of Chestershire after a Navigator vision of a rock. They soon get tangled up in a mess involving a fish cult, and learn a valuable lesson: never trust a demon avatar or its creepy possessed ship.
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs recovered: SCP-283 (SCP-1245 encountered)

The Stupidly Annoying Spybug, 02/18/2014

The TV in the commons is screwed with once more, this time by a rather loud malfunctioning spybug prototype.

The Deal of the Mantis, 02/22/2014

Luvi gets an odd message and later discovers where spybugs come from.

Oh Deer, 02/22/2014

The spybug problem gets out of hand, forcing Psi-7 to go into the maintenance tunnels to search for the cause. Inside they are greeted with hives, bones, bugs, and a priest to a Saturnian entity. They bring back a crying man from their endeavor.
SCPs destroyed: SCP-439, a copy of an instance of SCP-363, SCP-1710
XP: 2, presumably.

Questioning the General, 02/23/2014

The Grand General of the Nineteenth Spybug Legion is interrogated by Luvi and Randall.

The Final Hive, 02/23/2014

Gerald Smith never truly was safe.

Sugar in Saltville, 03/07/2014

Psi-7 returns to everyone's favorite nexus to investigate a flower cult. Except, instead of anachronistic hippies, they find the central meeting grounds of the Children of the Unseelie Queen, who proceed to summon their Queen into our world. Woops!
SCPs obtained: SCP-032
XP: 2

The San Morgan Horror Show, 03/09/2014

Psi-7 is sent to the town of San Morgan, Texas to investigate what appears to be a minor anomaly. Turns out it really isn't.
SCPs obtained: SCP-939
XP: 2

Special Containment Procedures, by Whales, for Whales, 03/27/2014

The team goes to investigate an underground bunker suspected of housing an AI. They run into the cult of the Whale King a second time, this time on much friendlier terms.
XP Granted: 2
SCPs obtained: SCP-2677 punchcards

Schoolhouse Shock, 04/19/2014

Psi-7 travels to a schoolhouse in the abandoned city of Dorner, Ohio to stop a cult. There, they find dead cultists and the Father of All the Sea, who only lets them live if they agree to leave. They leave.
XP Granted: 2

Saber-Toothed Chameleons, 05/15/2014

Lis, Dan, Randall, and Serge are deployed on a forest operation to determine the source of an oddly localized weather formation, which turns out to be a bad trip. Anomalies go haywire, the crew is attacked by karma, and everyone almost dies.
XP Granted: 4

420 praise it piglet, 07/18/2014

The Foundation gets on good terms with a cult for once, while also awakening a primordial demon.
XP Granted: 2

Operation: Bugger Ewe, 08/09/2014

Psi-7 sinks to a new low.
XP: 2, 3 to Susan

I Don't Appear in Runs Anymore, 11/05/14

Psi-7 finally secures a primordial demon for containment. Yay!
XP: 3

I Fought the Law, 11/28/14

And the law lost.
XP Granted: 2

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