Kathleen stood in front of Bowe's desk and thought ~geez, this man is old.~ She suppressed the urge to fidget as he spoke; that would only upset him.
"You see, Agent Moodie," he was saying, "we've never had a director this young. It's highly unorthodox. On the one hand, we'd love to have such a young person to bring in fresh ideas and new perspectives. But on the other, people at your age are generally still figuring themselves out. We can't risk having you get the promotion and then figure out you'd rather be with, say, the GOC."
"Sir, I've been with this establishment since I was eleven," she said. "I'm not about to turn on it now."
"Yes, well," Bowe said. "All the more reason some might say you'd get tired of us. But I think I've devised a way that we can prove them wrong."
"I have here a file on an uncontained anomaly we wish to secure," Bowe said, opening a drawer and pulling out a file. "I believe you have certain … assets that make you uniquely qualified to undertake this particular mission."
Bowe handed over the file. "Why don't you take a look?"
When she saw what was in the file, she dropped it. "You can't mean…"
"It's the ultimate display of loyalty. No one will question you afterwards. We'll give you a team of experienced field agents to command while completing the mission."
"I'll do it," she said. Bowe smiled as he closed the file again. "But I have a condition."
"A condition?"
"Yes. This one gets contained under me."
Bowe looked at her for a moment, but when she held steady and looked him straight in the eye, he said, "Very well."

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