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[Partial memo Recovered by Dr. Alexandre Hilbert during 02/14/1955 mission in San Francisco]


Project SMILODON is an effort by the CIA and allied government agencies to attempt to use occult, extraterrestrial, super-scientific, and other 'anomalous' items, entities and events in an effort to delay or belay anti-American activity by organizations such as the Glavnoye razvedyvatel'noye upravleniye, Gruppa Psikhotroniki, the Global Occult Coalition, ████████ ███████████████████████████, and the Foundation.

A secondary objective of Project SMILODON is to create anomalous individuals to use as field agents, through various occult, extraterrestrial, super-scientific or other 'anomalous' means, or else use already active 'anomalous' individuals as agents.

RE: The Foundation
On the date of ████████, ███████ occurred, resulting in █████████████ ███████ █████████████ ██████████ of the City of ████████ in California, now dubbed the ███████████ Incident █████████████ Taken into 'Containment', by the Foundation █████████████ object codenamed SCP-447. Possibly looking into Military applications.

To this end, █████████████ Codename MORIARTY, has been ███████████ █████████████████ Former Agent Elizabeth Crocker, who has defected to the Foundation due to ethical concerns regarding Project Midnight Climax.

MORIARTY has three primary objectives:

1) Ensure that the Foundation cannot develop anomalous weaponry
2) Ensure the termination of anomalous personnel
3) Sabotage of recovery missions

[The Remainder of this Document is Redacted]

[Image of Dr. Elizabeth "Betty" Crocker, AKA Foundation Agent Susan Smith, recovered from Project SMILODON outpost.]


Ultra Sexy, M'kay? 02/14/2014

In this special Valentine's Day run, Psi-7 gets called out to San Francisco to deal with an anomalous 'working woman' in North Beach. In the process, they come across a diabolical facility, and learn something about the task force that could shake it to its very core!
XP Granted: 2 to all
SCPs recovered: SCP-1972-A, SCP-484

Grilling Betty Crocker

In the aftermath of Ultra Sexy, M'kay, Susan Smith is grilled by Dr. Zakharov as to the nature of her intentions at the Foundation.

[File recovered from Dr. Hubert Baumgartner's Office following the Inksmouth, Washington Incident]

File Number: SMILO-V3013U

Codename: Project VECTOR

Purpose: Creation of a Viral Elimination, Contamination and Termination Operative using Specimen R-35. Specimen R-35 was recovered from Tuskegee following a report of a sharp drop in cases of Syphilis among the African-American population.

Specimen R-35 is an Negro Female, Twenty-Five years of age, with little to no formal education. Upon recovery, Specimen R-35 was found to be capable of reading basic sentences.

Specimen R-35's Type-R anomaly manifests in the form of being able to remove and storage viral, bacterial and parasitic contaminants from living organisms. Testing has shown that Specimen R-35 was capable of removing anthrax, smallpox, botulism, the common cold, tapeworm, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and anomalous diseases such as █████████ and ███████████.

Currently, Project VECTOR seeks to implant Specimen R-35 with █████████████████████ ███████████████████████ using the process outlined in File BLUEBIRD-2381U. This may result in irreversible personality and psychological changes, but Director Dulles has deemed this a necessary risk.

Vector-Victoria, 04/27/2014

Four member of Psi-7 are deployed to a town in the Pacific Northwest to investigate an unusually large amount of disease among the town's populous. Along the way, something sinister reveals itself…
XP Granted: 2
SCPs obtained: SCP-353

[Transcript of an Audio Recording found in the remains of a Project Smilodon Outpost in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National forest following the 5/15/1955 mission]

Begin Recording
Unknown Speaker:We made a horrible mistake. CARMA is out of its mind. The Scranton Box is failing. The shack is the only thing keeping me alive.

[10 second pause]

Unknown Speaker: You know, they gave us the L-Pill for situations like this. I was just… too much of a coward to take it. So I gave it to someone else. I'm regretting it so much. I saw what CARMA did to Richards.

[5-second pause]

Unknown Speaker: One of the guards has a gun on him. I'm going to see if I can defend myself. If not… well, there should be enough bullets to feed me for the rest of my life.

End Recording

Saber-Toothed Chameleons, 05/15/2014

Lis, Dan, Randall, and Serge are deployed on a forest operation to determine the source of an oddly localized weather formation, which turns out to be a bad trip. Anomalies go haywire, the crew is attacked by karma, and everyone almost dies.
XP Granted: 4

[Foundation File Excerpt: Original Proposal for the now Partially Defunct Project Golden Boy]

Anomalous individuals are one of the prime threats to the Foundation today. From anomalous terrorist organizations such as the Chaos Insurgency to individuals on staff with anomalous properties, any one of them could be a major threat to Foundation security.

I, Doctor Leopold Scranton, have an alternative solution: The Scranton Anomaly Cancelling Array, or SACA. Originally developed as a countermeasure to the Foundation by Project Smilodon, it is capable of disrupting any and all anomalous activity within a certain area.

This is accomplished by [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is completely safe to non-anomalous individuals.

However, due to limited access to containment, testing will have to be carried out on anomalous members of staff. Under their contracts, they are consenting to it. If approved, the test groups will include:

  • MTF-ψ-7
  • MTF-θ-8
  • MTF-ο-3

These three task forces have the highest amounts of anomalous individuals among them, particularly ψ-7. I will await your response prior to testing my device.


Dr. Leopold Scranton

Un-Nomalous, 7/17/2014

Anomalies start failing around the site, and as a result, the whole thing devolves into chaos, confusion, and madness. Can anomalies ever return to Site 19?
XP: 1, by GM permission.

[Recovered Documentation referring to the BRIDE-POND Test conducted by Project SMILODON operatives.]

Test #: SMILODON Test #4214-BP-017

Test Subjects:

* One Caucasian Male, 1.87 m, 97 kg, brown hair, blue eyes. Deceased; formerly known as Alexander Pembrooke, alias the Bride.
* One Caucasian Female, 1.6 m 54 kg, blonde hair, green eyes. Known as Beatrix Meisner, alias the Groom.

Note: Both subjects consented to the test, due to ███ ███ ████████ █████ ██ ██████████ ██ ███ ████████ ██ ███████ ███ █████████, as well as Pembrooke's deceased condition.

Hypothesis: A deceased male subject and a living female subject will be able to bond, due to the deceased state of male subject.

Procedure: Using the Bride-Pond Quantum Entanglement Engine, the Male Subject's cadaver will be destroyed. Atoms from the male subject will then become quantumly entangled and share the same physical space as atoms from the female test subject, resulting in a quantumly unstable life form. This life form, referred to as Bride-Pond 02.

Results: Due to the deceased state of the Male subject, the procedure was successful. Male and Female test subjects have separate consciousnesses, but share the same body and experience the same sensations, albeit from a slightly altered perspective; subjects report appropriate gender pronouns used from their perspective.

Possible Alternate Reality? -Dr. Smythe

One Wedding and a Near Funeral, 7/19/2014

Psi-7 is sent to DC to stop an assassination attempt, only to have one of their own (almost) die in the process! Also featuring the first appearance by Moriarty, a proper threat to Psi-7. Kind of.
XP: 2 to everyone.

Town of Mustard and Lies, 08/19/2014

Psi-7 goes on an excursion to France after reports of strange sightings come in.
XP Granted: 2 to all

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