Primordial Demons

Name: La Hgan/The Scarlet King/The Blubbery Monarch/Ruler of the Watery Deep
Purpose: Primordial Demon
Nature: Jovial, though impulsive and somewhat thoughtless
Description/History: Resembling an enormous red beaked whale, with tentacles and pincers sprouting from their underbelly and a deceptively quick lobster-like tail, La Hgan claims domain over all touched by the water.
Other: Enemy of the Unseelie Queen, ally to the Indigo Entity.

Physical Health: 100000
Mental Health: 5000

Physical Defense: 4
Mental Defense: 20
Perception: 5 (sight) 13 (electroreceptor) 7 (Other)
Agility: 4
Strength: 27

Intimidation: 17
Bluff: 9

Melee: 4 (Beak) 8 (Pincers) 24 (Tail)
Ranged: 7

Sneak: 3
Academics: 24


  • Soul of the Sea: 10. Humans who wish to use Red Magic must channel their power from La Hgan.
  • The Price of Gluttony: Due to the eating habits of La Hgan, their insides have come to house numerous parasites of varying power. La Hgan my expel them from the mouth at will.

Engagement Style: At sea, they will attempt to capsize any ships attacking, and eat anything that remains in the water. Against foes on land, they will usually call demons loyal to them to their aid, while trying to remain out of range of dangerous things. If this doesn't work, they may beach themselves to attack directly.

Name: La Sals/The Orange Lord/The Spirit of the Sun
Purpose: Primordial Demon
Nature: Just, but ruthless when it comes to obtaining power
Description/History: 24 meters tall, with orange skin, four arms, elaborate orange gold jewelry, an intricate cloth garment, and an unchanging face with half-closed black eyes and a small, unnerving smile, La Sals is an imposing figure that claims domain over all the light of the stars touch.
Other: Currently dormant on account of the Old Green One.

Physical Health: 30000
Mental Health: 20000

Physical Defense: 6 + 5x
Mental Defense: 20
Perception: 7
Agility: 10
Strength: 14 + x

Persuasion: 10
Intimidation: 30 + 2x

Melee: 5(x+1) and/or 5 (roll x times)
Ranged: 5x and/or 5 (roll x times)

Academics: 27
Science: 13 + x/2
Engineering: 3 + x
Medical: 9 + x


  • Soul of a Star System: 10. Humans who wish to use Orange Magic must channel their power from La Sals.
  • The Five Suns of La Sals: X. La Sals posses five balls of light that they can mold into tools to assist them. These can be applied to assist a stat.

Engagement Style: La Sals charges into battle, typically with a warhammer (5(3+1) melee) and two daggers (5 melee each). Should the foes stand back, La Sals will switch to a longbow (5(4) ranged) and a buckler (5 pdef). If brought down to half health, La Sals will switch a dagger for a shield (5 pdef).

Name: La Papier/The Yellow Duke/Monsieur
Purpose: Primordial Demon
Nature: Sneaky
Description/History: Resembling a large, old, yellowed book, the story printed on La Papier is considered the greatest piece of demon literature ever made. La Papier claims domain over all intelligent demons.
Other: Currently dormant on account of the Old Green One.

Physical Health: 5432 (1 per page, 10 per cover, 5 for the spine)
Mental Health: 54070 (10 per page)

Physical Defense: 1 (page) 12 (cover) 6 (spine)
Mental Defense: 27
Perception: 3
Agility: 10
Strength: 2

Persuasion: 36
Intimidation: 18
Bluff: 31

Melee: 4
Ranged: 7

Sneak: 10
Academics: 36
Science: 36
Engineering: 24
Medical: 24


  • Soul of Knowledge: 10. Humans who wish to use Yellow Magic must channel their power from La Papier.
  • An Engaging Read!: 4. The story printed on La Papier is engaging to the point of distraction. Granted, it's printed in the script used primarily by Yellow Demons.

Engagement Style: Will not fight unless absolutely necessary.

Name: La Amon/The Green Ruler/Lesser Green One/Young Green One/Ruler of the Earthen Deep/The Lost
Purpose: Primordial Demon
Nature: Mysterious and incredibly secretive
Description/History: La Amon's appearance has been forgotten to time. La Amon, who had once claimed domain over all under the earth, has not been heard from since the Numan Affair years ago.
Other: Currently either in hiding, dead, or dormant

Physical Health: 65000
Mental Health: 7600

Physical Defense: 3-10
Mental Defense: 6
Perception: 2-9
Agility: 0-9
Strength: 1-14

Persuasion: 6
Intimidation: 4-25
Bluff: 6

Melee: 0-13
Ranged: 0-11

Sneak: 8
Academics: 23
Science: 5
Engineering: 10


  • Soul of the Dirt: 10. Humans who wish to use Green Magic must channel their power from La Amon.
  • Keep Your Imp-Hand Strong: La Amon interacted primarily through a countless multitude of extremities. Each has different stats.
  • Noxious: 6. La Amon released a noxious and hallucinogenic cloud with every breath from their many mouths.

Engagement Style: La Amon is never seen nowadays.

Name: La Mos/The Blue Duchess/The Painted Woman/The High Doe
Purpose: Primordial Demon
Nature: Quiet, brooding
Description/History: Being an amorphous blob of anomalous blue paint, La Mos takes the for of either a painting of a human woman or an angry, vaguely deer shaped blob. La Mos claims domain over all sighted demons.
Other: Currently dormant on account of the Old Green One

Physical Health: 75000
Mental Health: 50000

Physical Defense: 20 (Against kinetic attacks) 4 (Other)
Mental Defense: 7
Perception: 2
Agility: 9
Strength: 20

Intimidation: 18

Melee: 8
Ranged: 10

Sneak: 14
Academics: 36
Science: 24
Engineering: 24
Medical: 36


  • Soul of Aesthetics: 10. Humans who wish to use Blue Magic must channel their power from La Mos.
  • Liquid: La Mos constantly retains the properties of a liquid.

Engagement Style: La Mos doesn't usually fight, but their style is highly aggressive

Name: La Qtor/The Indigo Lady/The Indigo Entity/Shadow of Mannus
Purpose: Primordial Demon
Nature: Vicious to her enemies, kind to her allies
Description/History: A tall (30 meters), thin, indigo humanoid with goat horns and pig tusks. La Qtor claims domain over all bipedal and four-limbed demons.
Other: Ally to the Scarlet King, eternal enemy to Mannus the Silent Walker

Physical Health: 20000
Mental Health: 30000

Physical Defense: 6
Mental Defense: 25
Perception: 8
Agility: 11
Strength: 14

Persuasion: 12
Intimidation: 38
Bluff: 21

Melee: 7
Ranged: 9

Sneak: 4
Academics: 19
Science: 22
Engineering: 5


  • Soul of the Uncanny: 10. Humans who wish to use Indigo Magic must channel their power from La Qtor.
  • Odd Field: 6. Those standing near La Qtor will experience an intense psychic barrage at all times.

Engagement Style: Vicious. Will attempt to stay in the heat of the fray at all times.

Name: La Lror/The Violet Queen/The Unseelie Queen/The Great Ambassador/The Impersonator
Purpose: Primordial Demon
Nature: Hostile
Description/History: Resembles a 7-foot tall winged glowing humanoid with violet skin and robes. Usually found powering a large, fleshy, two-headed construct resembling Larono, a Dark One. Claims domain over all that roam the land, especially forest, holds actual domain over the Unseelie Court.
Other: Enemy to the Blubbery Monarch

Physical Health: 1000 (20000)
Mental Health: 1000

Physical Defense: 30 (4)
Mental Defense: 45
Perception: 6 (4)
Agility: 10 (2)
Strength: 3 (20)

Persuasion: 14
Intimidation: 21 (30)
Bluff: 7

Melee: 4 (10)
Ranged: 7 (0)

Sneak: 2 (0)
Academics: 34
Science: 20


  • Soul of the Fantastic: 10. Humans who wish to use Violet Magic must channel their power from La Lror.
  • Parasitic: Bites from the Unseelie Queen invariably result in parasites.
  • Fuck you, I'm not short!: La Lror often resides in and powers a fleshy construct. When does so, their stats transfer to those in parenthesis.

Engagement Style: Violent and horrifically aggressive.

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