Pet Guide

Pets are not unheard of in the world of Origins, though they're not especially common. After all, it's not exactly a good idea to have a million cats and dogs running around underfoot when you're trying to do superscience and fight demons. In general, only a few characters in the RP will have pets at any given time - they're extremely rare. Pets are not something a person adds to their inventory at character creation, or something that is given from a run. Pets are only rewarded specifically to players, generally for good RPing and being a helpful user. The general rules for pets are as follows:

Short Version:

  • The pet has to be a normal pet.
  • The pet has no stats or special function.
  • Pets disappear if events begin.
  • One pet per player.
  • Pets are awarded by GMs, not added by any other process.
  • No animal abuse/injury.
  • No sapient animals.
  • Pets can only be in scenes with the PC alone, or others who join in.
  • Pets can only be GMd by GMs, or by the player who owns them.

Longer Version:

  • The pet has to be a normal pet. This means, if you had this pet in real life, no one would be terribly surprised. The GM team decides what is 'normal'.
  • The pet has no stats or special function. A pet can't be used for any sort of purpose, except perhaps to be a cute companion. The closest a pet could get to being functional would be something along the lines of a hunting dog recovering ducks.
  • Pets disappear if events begin. This means that if there's even a hint of abnormal anomalous activity, or some other dramatic event, the pet is just suddenly gone. Players aren't allowed to take small creatures into danger.
  • One pet per player. A player can only have one pet at a time, assigned to one particular character. This is only fair, given the extremely small amount of pets allowed in the RP at any given time. When a character retires, their pet goes with them, barring special exceptions.
  • Pets are awarded by GMs, not added by any other process. You are allowed to ask for your character to be given a pet, but you will likely be told no unless you have a particularly compelling reason. The most likely way someone will be awarded a pet is if they are offered a reward for something they did well and they request a pet as that reward.
  • No animal abuse/injury. This means your pet can't get hurt or sick or anything else like that. Small animals should not be generating drama and intrigue, unless there's some super special situation.
  • No sapient or psuedo-sapient animals. A dog is a dog. A cat is a cat. A parrot is still just a parrot. They can be smart enough to learn a few tricks, and be loyal to their owner, but no more than you would expect from a normal animal.
  • Pets can only be in scenes with the player character alone. If someone wants to join a scene between someone else and their pet, they can if everyone's fine with it. Additionally, characters and their pets can't join a scene unless everyone already present is fine with it. This means no wandering around with your animal annoying people.
  • Pets can only be GMd by members of the GM team, or by the player who owns them. You can't have another player play as your pet, or anything like that. Additionally, you may only GM your pet in the context of its interactions with your character - animals aren't allowed to wander around the site getting into trouble and bothering people. Pets are more akin to an item than a character.

Obviously, all of the normal rules still apply when it comes to pets. If you have any questions about any of this, please post in the discussion thread for this page.

Current pets:

Player Character Species Pet Name Date Awarded
Prior Lacey Rat Sam 02/04/16
Wixelt Wilson Cat Alan 02/04/16
Soulless Rolf Cat Herr Fluffenstuff ???
Fae Gabbie Ferret Mark Twain 8/2/2017

If at any point someone who has a pet no longer wants their pet, notify a member of the GM team. No pets will be rewarded to characters who have given up a pet.

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