Personnel File: Anton Kirlov

Personnel Information

Threat: High

First Name: Anton

Middle Name: Misha

Last Name: Kirlov

Age: 39

Date Of Birth: June 14th, 1946

Profile Statistics

Height: 6 feet 5 inches

Weight: 190 pounds

Build: Burly

Skin Color: Tan

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Brown

Blood Type: O-

Race: Caucasian, human

Ethnicity: Russian

Gender/Sex: Male

Biological Father: Christofer Ande Kirlov

Biological Mother: Verdala Merek Kirlov

Personal Details

Favorite Color: Light grey

Favorite Food: Pita sandwich with cheese and roasted red peppers, baked then chilled before consumption


Records state Anton Kirlov having been born in June of 1946 towards the end of the Red Army occupation of Russia.


Anton Kirlov displays an outright refusal to speak verbally. May have sworn a vow of silence. Shows a particular strain of brutality and lack of mercy during operations but is otherwise very friendly with his coworkers.

Agent Kirlov annually requests a permission of leave in a stretch of land in Siberia void of any population for several miles. Request is usually granted as the location is prior combed by Foundation personnel in the chance that he may be attempting to meet with other POI/GOI outside of Foundation jurisdiction. This doesn't seem to be the case. Intelligence states the only strange behavior he displays his his preference for camping in a frozen tundra. An unprofessional statement, but not an untrue observation. Psychological re-evaluation is being considered.

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