Origins Tales

In The Beginning…

…. There were stories. These are assorted pieces of fiction about the Origins universe. If you wish to write a story, please add it here. Note that we do not mind if you repost these stories to the main SCP site, and we also do not have the same standards of SCP. Stories will not be removed for level of quality, unless there are complaints or other issues. So! If you want to write something, feel free

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Espadrile (padri)

When I Grow Up - WIP

Promotion - WIP


The Summer of 1927


The Last Job


Golem: A Love Tale


Interview Log Following October 9th-10th 1954 Incident


Lady Luck.


Winning Friends and Influencing People

Xiao (Sax)


Where Are They Now? - WIP
What Could Have Been - WIP
An Unwritten Letter
Never Give an Inch

The Knights of Elora

King Me - WIP
Alluring Flower - WIP

Final Flight of the Ira - WIP


History of Us

The Meaning of Treason (I)
Whiskey Stones and Broken Bones (II)
Sightless, Pleading (III)


Holding my Breath (I)

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