Origins Characters

This page is for archival purposes and should not have any Horizons characters added to it

To create a character, type their name into the "New Character" box in the sidebar and click the button. The template will be there for you. However, make sure you're a member of this wiki first. Click the "Click Here To Join" link at the top right. The password can be found in the #origins-ooc chat topic. Once that's all handled, you're good to go! Feel free to use the site as a sandbox.

For information on how your character is approved, and what sort of stuff you need to include, check out the Character Approval Guide. It gives a thorough rundown of what needs to be included and the general sort of stuff GMs are looking for in a new character.

A few additional notes:

All characters must be original: Pretty straightforward. Unless you're Clef, don't make Dr. Clef or any wacky ex-GOC perverts who blow things up. Don't play a humanoid SCP unless you wrote it (and even if you did, you are encouraged to play someone else). Porting a character from another RP is not allowed.

Know the setting: This takes place in 1959 (as it will note further down the date is present time but 59 years in the past), in a predominantly American facility in Italy. The two recent wars have created a large, restless population of veterans and other military personnel. The Cold War is brewing a massive international intelligence community. Any characters from behind the Iron Curtain would likely be defectors, and there aren't many of those. Also, do note that all new characters are at least somewhat aware of the anomalous - everyone is briefed on the general nature of the world and the Foundation prior to joining up.

Anomalous Characters: Anomalous character creation rules can be found in the Game Mechanics page. Be aware though, that since the Foundation is in the business of containing anomalies and would deeply prefer them to be contained instead of walking free (even under the employment of the Foundation) there is a cap for the number of anomalous characters that can be in play at one time. This cap is generally a 1:4 ratio (i.e. a 1/5 fraction) of anomalous to non-anomalous, but can change and it is ultimately held up to GM discretion for when the cap has been reached. Please check with a GM before you start writing an anomalous character and do note that we do not allow players who are first joining to write an anomalous character as their first character. First-time players, please make a non-anomalous character, and get them through the hardapproval stage before trying to write an anomalous one, otherwise the anomalous character will not be approved.

Show, don't tell: It's one thing to say that Jimmy loves animals, it's another to say he used to volunteer for the Humane Society. It's one thing to say that Anna is fun to be around, it's another to say that she's the type to organize little skits for her friends in her spare time. A person is best defined by the actions they take, so when thinking of ways to describe your character, describe their actions.

Fun stuff: Get creative! Character photos, drawings, soundtracks, favorite recipes, diary entries, all that good stuff lets us get to know your character better. Putting a general description of your character's habits and personality isn't a bad idea either, especially if you're a stickler for continuity.

Import Characters: Sadly, Origins is not accepting import characters at this time. You may create new characters heavily based on old ones, but you may not copy an old character's history and personality down to a "T". In addition, old character histories do not apply in Origins. It must be an original creation.

Please check with a GM before adding to this list.

Active Character List

Please use the formatting given on this table and keep the list alphabetical going by first names. To link a character, please use [[[character:Character Name]]] as syntax.
Character Name Player Role Approval
Adeline Theramenius* Balthazaar Survival expert/Cougar Soft
Adie Wilkons taylor_itkin Stealth Operations Hard
Ailana Venetia dragonwielder Concealment specialist Hard
Alaric Kos Varren_Erelim Negotiator/Intelligence Hard
Alfons Gerber Lily Assassin Hard
Dr. Alison Zacconi Sax Battlefield Physician Hard
Amelie Zelinka Nemi Medical Assistant Hard
Annaliese Weiss DiePotato Intelligence Agent Hard
Carson Baroque dragonwielder Combat Medic Hard
Cait Ashland* Nemi Haemoturge Hard
Cedric Cabili* Sax S&D Night Ops Soft
Chimalis Krex Varren_Erelim Researcher/Field Medic Hard
Colette Delacroix Taffeta Para-medic Hard
Dahlia Gray Alchemy Cryptozoology Veterinarian Soft
Dean Black Balthazaar Recruit Soft
Dmitri Glazkov* Aphex Recon Marksman Soft
Evan Walker* Cocoa R&D Tulpa Hard
Favour Clement Dexanote Translator Soft
Gabbie Tasker Cocoa GOC Art Spy Hard
Graham Bryne ArseneLupin Intelligence Specialist Hard
Grey Somerset Dexanote Excellent Field Agent Soft
Hanna Dam* LadyKatie Mermaid Hard
Jill Carter Godot Combat Medic Hard
Professor Joseph Lanning DSJ DSJ's Linguist Nerd Hard
Jo Ikuto madness_ Asian Occult Specialist Hard
"Johnny" Zhou Jing Wei Orionbasher Systems Engineer Hard
Juantonio Ivinski Klurg Meatshield Medic Hard
Kieran Валерий Krydderis Intelligence Hard
Lou Tanning Glorpman Veterinarian Extraordinaire Hard
Leon Audley Sax Engineering Foreman Hard
Leon Ledford* TeslaTornado Remote Observation Specialist/Cryptographer Soft(?)
Maple Leaf SpookyBee Cute Ruffian Hard
Marshall Talbot Krydderis Occult Expert Soft
Mira Kallinikos* Taffeta Water Shaper Soft
Murata Izumi Alivi Traditional Doctor Hard
Natascha Zhuravylova DiePotato Partisan Sniper Hard
Opaline Thompson Odocoileus forensic specialist Hard
Randall Clymer DrSavage Anomalous Virologist Hard
Raymond Myers taylor_itkin Combat Specialist / Translator / Social Researcher Soft
Razelia the Mystic LadyKatie Fake Psychic Soft
Rolf Vogel* Soulless Broken, Amnesiac Interrogator Hard
Rose Valencia Soulless Break and Enter Rich Gal Soft
Scott Harpur War/Kath Forensic Pathologist/Mortician Hard
Seamus O Donovan DrSavage Sniper/Spy Soft
Shawn Thronton Roget Enforcer Hard
Shinjiro Noburu madness_ Cultural Anthropologist Hard
Siegmund Kötz Aphex_ Pointman Soft
Stephani Meletofi Elisa Cute Alchemist Hard
Stuart Grieves* DSJ Private Investigator Soft
Tony Atkinson taylor_itkin Ranged Weapons Specialist Hard
Victor Angelo ArseneLupin "Doctor" Hard
Vivian Morodecci* SpookyBee Spooderbabe Hard
William Cassidy TheRaven Gunner Hard
Yefim Romanovich Klokov* Lily Thaumaturge and Runic Expert Hard

Note: An asterisk in the Name column denotes that the character is anomalous.

Inactive Characters List

GMs move characters here if they've been inactive for a week (roughly) when checked. There is no penalty to being moved here, and if the character is played, all you need to do to return them to the Active list is ask a GM. Depending on when they were last used, some characters may need to be reviewed.

Retired Characters

Characters which have been removed from the RP through means other than death, generally due to the player not wanting to play them anymore, or for the sake of completing their character arc. Retirement is permanent. Do not move your character here unless you plan on never playing them again.

Deceased Characters

Characters in the RP which died, either due to the events of an event or run, or as part of their character arc.

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