The site contains a large number of offices, spread out generally throughout the site. The largest cluster of these is in the north wing, near to the main entrance hall of the site. The offices tend to be relatively plain, though some personnel do put their own personal spin on things. The equipment office is among these, consisting of a large, warehouse-like rooms at the bottom of a very long set of stairs.

Within the deepest and most bureaucratic corners of the site offices lies the Director’s complex. This area of the site is restricted access, only really housing the director and her immediate staff.

A good deal below the site, there is a complex of reinforced bunkers, designed for absolute emergency situations. They are kept under lock and key, only being opened up in extreme emergency situations.

There are a number of classified areas within the site, to which normal agents and personnel do not have access. Under some circumstances certain individuals may be allowed into these areas, though not commonly. These areas tend to be located deeper into the site, and are accessed via very convoluted, secret entrances.

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