The staff working at Site-15 is a varied and colorful group. Several administrators have been asked to come to work at Site-15 to fulfill voids and to replace members of the staff who have departed to work for other Sites and Groups operating in the region.

ACTING DIRECTOR - Marcus De Santis

"I expect nothing but the best from all of you."

Demeanor: A very no nonsense individual, seemingly hell-bent on getting the best from everyone under his watch. If you end up dealing with him directly, you've either done something very very right, or very very wrong.

Description: Acting Director De Santis is a taller man, averaging about 6'2 at 166 lbs. He is typically found in his office, sporting the usual business attire worn by so many other Foundation directors. His appearance changes quite often in smaller ways, but it's quite hard to tell with how little he actually interacts with the MTFs and Site Staff.

History: Marcus De Santis is a native-Tuscan born around the end of the 19██s. After joining the Foundation in 19██, Acting Director De Santis gained his current title after rising into the rank of Junior Director under late-Director █████████. All other information regarding Acting Director De Santis is locked behind Level 5 Clearance and above.

DIRECTOR OF SECURITY - Thomas “Tommy” Brenner

“Y’all wanna tell me just what’s goin’ on here? Looks to me like y’ain’t doin’ your jobs.”

Demeanor: Gruff, generally not much of a talker, outside of work related discussions. Seems to be overly professional when first interacting, but opens up further depending on the Agent.

Description: Thomas Brenner is an African-American man standing at approximately 5’10 with an average body weight of 178 lbs. While not Mr. Olympia, he is fairly fit, leaning more toward the strongman look. He is usually seen sporting a shaved head and little-to-no facial hair; his usual attire consists of the standard Foundation BDU, or a form of business casual clothing, usually grey slacks and a white shirt. Always carrying a firearm on his person, typically a service-model Colt M1911-A1.

History: Agent Brenner began life in the plains of northern Alabama in the later half of 1948, born to a family of farmers. During his childhood on said family farm, Brenner learned a variety of skills that would come to help him later in life, particularly in his stint in the United States Marine Corps. Having left home at 17 to fight the War in Vietnam, Brenner’s term of service would see him rise quickly through the ranks of his Company thanks to his natural skills in leadership and tactical planning. These talents did not go entirely unnoticed, as the Foundation offered a position upon termination of his service to the USMC; he accepted in 1975, after the end of the Vietnam War.


“Ah, yes. How kind of you to stop in- please, do not touch anything.”

Demeanor: Laid back, if a bit snobbish when it comes to smarts and book knowledge. Sometimes so casual that it hurts to see him try to be ‘hip’ and ‘with it’.

Description: Markus Laakkonen is a stout man at 5’7, 160lbs. While he is far from physically impressive, his intellect is nearly unmatched on-site; being the head of Counterintelligence and an administrator of the Digital Archive, the Foundation would expect nothing less. He carries a sidearm, but it is concealed by his usual flannel shirt and baggy jeans.

History: Born in 1926 to Finnish immigrants to the United States, Agent Laakkonen’s past is fairly average up until his years in college. The young Laakkonen has always shown a talent for writing, but it was particularly during his stint as a journalist for the ███████████ Newspaper that his talents shined through. Months of amateur detective work combined with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge led him directly to one of the very first Foundation fronts- and then directly to the Foundation- after discovering multiple instances of ‘strange sightings’ of Foundation convoys across the United States.

After his hire in the early 1950s, Laakkonen began working closely with the then-fragmented Intelligence divisions, eventually leading to their total culmination in the 1960s. As a founding member of the Counterintelligence branch, he is assigned to SITE-15 in order to keep a close eye on all outgoing communications and to maintain the Digital Archive.


“All systems online and ready to initiate. Hold on to something everyone, this might get a little bit bumpy.”

Demeanor: Calm. Cooperative. Key emotions tend to be friendliness and snark.

Description: Short, looks to be in her late teens or early twenties. Generally wears a white long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and a gold necklace. Can teleport and appears when called. Can be in multiple places at once.

History: Holiday is an artificial construct that was built with the new Site-15, wired directly into its thaumaturgical, mechanical, and electrical systems. Any rumors that she is the result of blackboxed thaumalogical research or has connections to any existing Foundation agents are, of course, false.


“Ah. You again? What needs fixing this time around?”

Demeanor: Like an uncle you’ve never met before, Zhou is warm, welcoming, and maintains a facade like a wizened old sage. But that’s probably because he doesn’t get around a lot

Description: With thin dark brown eyes, framed by a pair of wire spectacles he uses when working, Zhou sports short black hair, going gray with age now, but a common characteristic of his Asian ethnicity. His skin is tanned from his years under the sun, now sporting a growing paunch as a result of his age. Standing at 5'7", Zhou is slightly taller than most men his race, though still shorter than most other staff. Lining his stomach, Zhou sports 4 circular scars as the result of his wartime trauma.

History: One of the agents from the time of the foundation’s Founding, Zhou has done quite well from himself over the years, being promoted after his long term service in the MTF ‘Home Improvement’. Now a very senior agent, Zhou is one of the few agents well versed in the Foundation’s electrical and mechanical makeup, and even had a hand in the development of safer, more stable Scantron Reality Anchor. He also claims to have married a mermaid, but that’s probably just the tall tale of a crazy old man.


“Clean your goddamn workstations, Jesus-tapdancing-Christ! It’s not that hard!”

Demeanor: Lucas is a very much a man of his time, favoring punctuality, standard procedure, and keeping the goddamn engineering bay clean and orderly for Christ’s sake. He has something of a legendary temper when discipline is involved, leading many people to suspect he used to be a drill instructor. He wasn’t.

Description: As seen above, Lucas is white and dresses plainly, favoring slacks, white shirts, and ties. He’s about 5’10” and lanky, with a surprising amount of muscle due to his regular exercise and efforts to clean up the engineering bay. He wears glasses, though his vision is mostly fine, as these have been anomalously improved to improve the user’s vision regardless of sight.

History: Lucas was born in 1931, in South Dakota. He was unsuited to farm life from an early age, aside from repairing machinery. Once he was old enough, he left for college, which he graduated from in 3 years. He was considered as a hire by various GOIs, but the Foundation contacted him first. He’s worked for them ever since, especially in the development of advanced robotics, to aid in containing biologically dangerous anomalies, as well as combat enemies that a regular task force can’t.


“C-CHRIST! D-don’t sneak up on me like that!”

Demeanor: Naturally extremely nervous in high pressure situations, though it does not appear to effect his ability in the field. He generally presents as more eloquent over writing or text, but is still a decent communicator with those he's closer to.

Description: Agent Fishburne is a relatively unassuming looking Mediterranean man, about 5’8 when standing to full height, as he typically hunches over. Wears overly-baggy clothing.

History: Agent Christopher Fishburne, born in New Hampshire in 1952 to a single, computer scientist mother, was often a latch-key child. Due to his rather shut-in nature, he typically finds great difficulty in social interaction with those not quite on his wavelength. He was forced to open up somewhat in 1973 after his beginning in Computer Science education in the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he met his wife . Following her induction into the Foundation, he followed not long after and began his work in developing the Foundation Intranet system in 1976.

HEAD OF DELTA-4 - Sonya Naumov

“We are not going to get this sequencing done if you keep crying over yesterday’s experiment.”

Demeanor: Calm, and friendly. She isn’t very comforting, however, unless the person has made an honest mistake. She believes that people only learn when they have to accept their failure.

Description: 5’6”, with blond, short hair. She wears fitting attire for her job, frequently a lab coat with either a shirt and dress underneath, or a protective suit if she’s working with dangerous materials.

History: Sonya is a GRU-P defector who left soon after the organization began actively kidnapping Russian citizens to use their souls and organs as payment to their benefactors. She brought what information she had with her, primarily on the GRU-P’s genetic experimentation program.The Foundation accepted her on the merits of needing personnel to examine and experiment biologically anomalous people and animals, as well as aid in their own minor experimentation efforts.


“Tell me, how do you get through a day being this stupid? Or do you just manage to somehow not hang yourself?”

Demeanor: Deadly serious both on and off the clock, Agent Bousaid is an incredibly stern figure, much like his colleague Agent Brenner. Bousaid prides himself on his efficiency and does not take kindly to any allegations that he is otherwise.

Description: Agent Bousaid is a slightly overweight man standing approximately 5’6. His temper is about as short as he is, but he is found primarily quite calm despite his rage over the supposed incompetency of his underlings or the MTFs.

History: Farouk Bousaid’s history is fairly shrouded behind the wall of the USSR-controlled Iran. All that is known is his birth year- 1926. He was originally picked up by the Foundation as a guerilla general in the Russo-Iranian conflicts throughout the Cold War following the Iran Crisis of 1946. His prowess in leadership did not go unnoticed, as he was hand-picked by Foundation officials masking as United States C.I.A. officers in 1963.



Description: A short, overweight man in his mid-to-late twenties. Never really outgrew his babyface. Favors tweed jackets.

History: Galley’s been working with the Foundation for a few years, and currently oversees the logistics for Site-15. It’s his job to ensure the trains run on time, the shipments come through on schedule through the teleporter, the biodome produces enough food, the armory is inventoried, the commissary is well-stocked, engineering is full of nuts and bolts, and medical has plenty of solution for the regeneration tanks *catches breath*.

Fun Facts: Graduated as the top marksman of his class in basic training, though his nervous disposition left him judged unsuited for field operations. Can get you just about anything in the shipments for the right price (just don’t ask how he got it). Used to serve on the S.C.P.S. Icarus.

DIRECTOR OF MEDICAL - Doctor Max “Brain-in-a-jar” Yates

“It’s hard, you know, being so limited. Damn near blind, deaf, and immobile. But I make it work, and I’m one of the best goddamn surgeons this place has ever seen!” cough cough.

Demeanor: Unusually jovial and sometimes downright cocky given his state, Max always does what he can to make his patients feel comfortable and okay before he operates. For the most part this consists of dealing with severe internal wounds the tanks won’t heal, limb replacement, and removing foreign objects from people before they get dipped, so their wounds heal better. He’s also fairly intelligent, and frequently tries to give good advice, even if the current moment isn’t the best time for it.

Description: Dr. Yates is a bald man standing at approximately 5’8. He remains incredibly thin despite his lack of activity outside of work. Yates was horrifically maimed in a containment breach at Site 77 in 1968, and was given an option to either remain in a near-senseless, paralyzed state, or receive experimental surgery to salvage what they could of his body and CNS. He opted for the latter, and now resides on SITE-15 as one of the most complexly laid out cybernetic agents the Foundation has. In his Medical Wing office, he can connect his brain (through a complex series of connectors) to a vast array of remote surgical suites, cameras, and tools. It’s unclear if this was the result of him no longer having the means to completely process his surroundings, or just lacking fine motor control with his limbs, but he is capable of doing multiple surgeries at a time- up to about 5 at once, though sanitation is an issue by that point.

History: Max was born in 1933, in Iowa. He had a thoroughly normal life, and went to medical school to pursue his childhood talent in medicine. He was approached by the Foundation in 1964, and was maimed in 1968. Not much else is known about him, as he prefers to not dwell on the past and acknowledge that he used to be a whole being.

Doctor Yates has a laundry list of problems. He has very limited motor control, cannot see or hear much at all, has a smorgasbord of health issues, and frequently stutters or slurs his words- all of this is a result of his condition and the numerous upgrades and surgeries used to keep him useful. His nickname, ‘Brain-in-a-jar’, comes from the fate he narrowly escaped had his body not been salvageable enough from the multiple surgeries needed to keep him alive.


Demeanor: Intense and reserved. Nominally friendly, but her stiff demeanor makes that seem a little less genuine than she’d like.

Description: 6’0” at her full height, Adileh is a gangly brown woman with black hair tied back into a neat bun. Wears glasses to correct for short-sightedness caused by squinting at a stupidly large amount of paperwork for a long amount of time. Fondness for warm colours and soft clothing, has a sizeable scarf collection.

History: Adileh is an Iranian psychologist bought in the Foundation initially to help manage their population of anomalous humanoids, following Ethics Committee strictures mandating increased standards of mental well-being for sentient objects in containment. After a period of somewhat-noteworthy research on new ways of rehabilitating staff affected by cognitohazards, Adileh accepted a position on SITE-15 which would allow her to resume what she enjoyed doing best — namely, helping patients out face-to-face.


"Oh- it's good to see you again! How are you holding up?"

Demeanor: Generally quite kind and unassuming, he's been described at times as shy or somewhat solitary. Avoids central medical at most times, bothered by the noise and bright light. He's easy to talk to, genuinely wanting to do everything he can to help and make peoples lives easier. Doesn't hurt that anything you say to him is under the strictest confidentiality.

Description: He's pretty close to average height and build. He looks relatively young, with almost sickly pale skin and grayish eyes, short curly hair a light and sandy blonde. He wears black-rimmed glasses that aren't particularly noteworthy aside from a slight tint to the lenses to lessen the effects of the high light sensitivity of his eyes. He's generally seen in subtle colors, preferring uniform white jackets or button-downs over plain shirts or scrubs. Never seen without long sleeves and pants, or even with his sleeves rolled up unless they need to be. He knows his name is a bit of a mouthful— he happily responds to the shorthand "Wells" if it makes it more convenient for people to address him that way.

History: Born in Colorado, his albinism served to be his defining characteristic in most circles— unsurprisingly, he took a particular interest in it and, by extension, a wide variety of genetic and chronic conditions. Attending medical school in New England, he was eventually signed on by the Foundation to assist with anomalous chronic and recurring medical conditions among agents and staff. He was transferred to Site-15 a few years ago, and has had his hands full since his first few days. Now, he has regular check-ins with a number of agents and personnel on-site; anyone with medical conditions falling under chronic, recurring, detrimental, or inhibiting categories (anomalous or not) likely has appointments with him at least once a month. He also helps agents who are heavily injured and require physical therapy during and after in- or out-of-tank recovery, as well as assisting with the acclimation of agents newly fitted with prostheses or other integrated technology.

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