The staff working at Site-77 is a varied and colorful group. Several administrators have been asked to come to work at Site-77 to fulfill voids and to replace members of the staff who have departed to work for other groups operating in the region.

Director Shirley Gillespie

"I want a proposal on my desk by morning."

Director of Site-77 since its inception, Director Gillespie has a reputation for being a firm, but kind administrator who enjoys hands-on projects and innovative experimentation. She was a treasurer for the Organization For European Economic Co-Operation, responsible for holding and dispersing funds in her region of Italy. Shirley approached the Foundation and proposed that, in exchange for a large sum of money and the facilities she had access to, she would be appointed Director and be assisted in becoming legally dead to avoid investigation into the missing funds.

As Director, her tenure has been noted by steady growth and improvement in the Foundation's standing and containment capabilities. She commands much respect within the Foundation organization as the only woman in a senior position of power. An outsider from the Foundation's structure, she is also one of the most powerful new addition to the Foundation's command structure since General Bowe. Many in the old guard are wary of her because of this.

She is also known for her generous support for ambitious anomaly research proposals.

Played by Roget

SECOND-IN-COMMAND - Agent Wade Quincy

"Hey, listen, so I've got a real important briefing from the Director here…"

A no-nonsense former field agent, Quincy was decorated several times for gallantry in the field. Retired from field work after, quote, "breaking every bone in my god-damn body at least two or three times." Loyal to the Foundation to a fault, he is frequently seen as the go-between for administration, the scientists, and the agents. Always willing to give advice or help out in a pinch. Favorite thing is seeing new faces that survive.

He has been assigned by Director Gillespie to limit how many projects she is allowed to have going at one time because she previously approved too many and it caused budget issues. They do this by her radioing him up and asking if they have the "budget" for one of her ideas or a proposal she likes. He usually says no. People might find this unusual since he does not make or maintain the budget.

Played by Various GMs


Mr. Skelton working on a piece of equipment.

A former surgeon turned unwilling facility equipment manager, John Skelton is a nondescript man of somewhat advanced age. He's quick to make jokes, but very serious about people filling out their receipts. Goes by 'Bones' on occasion. He's been forced to take over financial affairs at Site-77, much to his dismay. Everyone always thinks somebody else is in charge of that.

Played by Wogglebug

R&D DIRECTOR - Dr. Jim Gerthart

"Hand me that tape, would ya?"

Paunchy, balding, and happy as can be, Dr. Gerthart has a love of history that is only matched by a passion for engineering. He will frequently spout of the history of the steam engine or electric motor as he's installing one, much to the dismay of his subordinate junior researchers who didn't come to this briefing for a history class, dammit.

Jim has a love affair with old-fashioned mechanical devices that sometimes gets in the way of creating things for the future. He's often heard to suggest paring down on slimmer and sleeker devices when building new things, and instead focusing on trying to use his favored "mature" technology.

Played by Various GMs

MEDICAL DIRECTOR - Caleigh Amity Vayl

"It'll hurt a lot, but you'll be better."

"Calamity" Vayl is, though possibly a mad scientist from another universe, nonetheless a fantastically skilled and efficient medical practitioner with a surprising affinity for managing staff. While her background is somewhat vague, her age somewhat lacking, and her appearance unnerving, her sheer effectiveness is remarkable, as is her enthusiasm for the role.

And there's also the bit where the other candidates all coincidentally came down with severe food poisoning on the day of interview.

Played by: Nemi

Head of Security Albert Van Der Linde

Photograph of Al prior to joining the Foundation.

Albert is a former agent of PSI-7 and was a road agent and member of the Chicago mob in prohibition. He was also dead for awhile, but he doesn't like to talk about that. He's in charge of security matters.

Played by: Balthazaar

HEAD OF CONTAINMENT - Professor Jamie Regal

"Can't we lock the door and throw away the key?"

Professor Regal is, by all accounts, a containment wiz. He successfully ran and organized Site-19's containment wing for seven years, and is looking to add seven more at Site-77. By all accounts he is a man of a few words and would prefer to pick locks than talk to people.

He can usually be found with a book, checking locks, or reading books about locks.

Played by: Roget

GOC LIASION - Agent Ukelele

"I'll run the numbers on that one."

A mathematics and statistics expert, Agent Ukelele has never operated in the field. He's come to Site-77 to analyze how they manage their personnel and equipment. Bookish and shy, he dreads meeting with GOC personnel embedded with the Foundation. Since that's a large part of his job, he's never in a particularly good mood. Can be spotted by his heavy glasses, uneven temperament and rumpled uniform.

Played by Roget

Clarke Muscgrove

"…and his number one pal Dolphy!"

Clarke Muscgrove is one of the few human resources people available, as the field is just coming into its own. And one of an even fewer number (one) who were willing to move all the way to an Italy in the midst of a horrible depression to work for a mysterious organization. He's a man of firm moral character, a winning smile, a near infinite reserve of optimism, and an equally sized reserve of edifying puppets to teach proper workplace behavior. He specialized in juvenile psychology, don't question it.

Human Resources Officer - [REDACTED] 'Blondie' [REDACTED]

"You have no proof those were my firecrackers."

Known only as 'Blondie' around the Site due to his flaxen hair, not much is known about this HR officer. It's rumored he used to be a field agent who was transferred off his Task Force and Site after a botched job involving a powerful reality bending entity who was unable to be captured. Blondie now is a member of the burgeoning HR Department and has a habit of using very 'experimental' and 'progressive' tactics to fix disputes. He is also an avid practical joker, and don't be surprised if said jokes come into play during his meetings with individuals.

Played by DiePotato

List of Retired/Dead NPCs

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