Name: John Milat
Purpose: Boss
Nature: Crazy and evul
Description/History: Serial killer obsessed with dolls, wears a red onesie, combat boots, shaved head, facial scarring. Wears a skinned face as an arm band.

Physical Health: 8
Mental Health: 2

Physical Defense: 5
Mental Defense: 1
Perception: 4
Agility: 6
Strength: 5

Intimidation: 4

Melee: 6
Survival: 3

Sneak: 5


  • Knife fighter: +3 to melee when alone with victim
  • Breaking speech: +5 mental attack, if allowed to talk, he can greatly reduce a persons mental stability.

Engagement Style: Sneaks about and jumps out to try disable people. Tries to seperate people to kidnap them when they're alone.

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