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There are a great many characters that populate the extended universe of the Origins RP. These characters are not controlled by individual players, but rather by GMs and players acting as GMs, and are referred to as Non-Player Characters, or NPCs. If you have one of these characters, you can create a stat page for it, so that other players can have a look at it and potentially use it for their own runs or events. There is a Template you can use for this, that can be selected at page creation. If you have characters that exist in a series (such as the various types of giant magical spiders), you should put those on a single page. Make sure to tag all NPC stat pages with NPC, lest you be destroyed. Also, list any NPC pages you create below, so that we have a directory of them, rather than them being placed on random orphaned pages around the site. Include NPCs on the list sorted by group, such as enemies from [Player Name]'s plotline, [Plotline Name].

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Aristione Contessa
Older man, around 40 years old. Medium black hair with fair skin. Sarcastic, but friendly for the most part. He carries around a large Colt Python with a grey finish and an ivory grip. His favorite food is lasagna.
Debora Amidei
Young woman, 25 years of age. She has a light, athletic build, and stands around 5'7". Generally friendly, but she doesn't go out of her way to make friends. She speaks Italian and German. Her preferred weapon is a trench knife. She has long brown hair, kept in a bun often times. She carries a Sterling SMG.
Rufo Barile
Middle-aged man, standing at 6'5", with an heavy, muscle-bound build. He's rather stocky as well. He has short blond hair, and a tattoo of a skull on his shoulder. He carries a Sterling SMG.
Pietro Lo Grasso
A younger man, 26 years old. Sturdy build, with short black hair and a burn scar on his face. Grim attitude, and he's got a grudge on anomalous agents do to an accident with a pyromantic agent several years before. He carries an American shotgun, an Ithaca-37.


Deanna Bezio
Young woman, 24 years old. She's a nurse, with long blonde hair, and an athletic build. She's very kind, and friendly without exception. Deanna is a very orderly person, and is really only irritable by unclean work conditions.
Viviana Salamone
An older woman at 39 ears old, Viviana is kind, but takes her job very seriously. She's short, and rather lithe. She has tan skin, and short brown hair. Viviana has a bit of a short fuse…
Cirilla Pelosi
27 years old, Cirilla is rather dark-humored for such a happy person. Filing assistant in the medical offices, she's very clean and orderly, but quite forgetful. She wears a colorful scarf for each day of the week.
Severa Ferrari
A young woman, 26 years old, with long brown hair. She keeps it in a single, thick braid. Severa is rough around the edges, with crude humor, and sharp wit. She has a bit of a wiry build, and a gaunt face.
Antimo Castelli
An older, kind man, with a bald head, and a neat goatee. He's got a soft sense of humor. He has a tendency to use jokes to cheer his patients up.


Jack 'Roady' MacCoinnigh
A mechanic, Roady is 36 years old. He's got a heavy, stocky build, with bright red hair and rough skin. He has a simple sense of humor, and a strong, deep voice. want to get on his good side? Bring brisket.


Duncan Dowelds
A younger man, at 27 years old, Duncan is a bit simple, if not lazy. He does good work, but is prone to in-sleeping and sluggish behavior, but he can get going if he really needs to. Duncan carries a Browning M1911 handgun. He's rather shy, but quite friendly.


Tyler Isaac Micheal Ewington
An utterly unremarkable looking man of some young age who came by his job honestly and without the manipulation of time and other such things. He works in the labs on testing temporal anomalies and anything else he's tasked with working on.

Note: For NPCs that can be used within the Arena, see the page Arena Characters.

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